Animal Cuts Fat Burner Reviews – Buy, or Scam?


  • Great for that last little part of your cut


  • No real effect for some people
  • Can cause jitters
  • Can cause acid reflux
  • Harmful for people with liver issues
Animal Cuts Review

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Animal Cuts by Universal Nutrition

Universal Nutrition has been a top rated player in the industry since the 1970s. and they came up with a unique product which has been in the market for quite some time now. The unique selling points of this product are cutting fat, stacking and shredding, something missing in the previous products.

What is Animal Cuts?

The Animal Cuts Fat Burner was launched in 2009 with a view to enable users to lose weight with relative simplicity. The product has a lengthy list of ingredients, many of which are natural based and promise to deliver great results.

The primary target group of Animal Cuts are men of almost all age groups, though women have been taking it too. Before you get caught in the thought process of going for or against it, it is important to understand all the details right from the ingredients to the side effects.

If you ever wonder what gives finely carved and etched bodies like Alexander Skarsgard and many other Hollywood hunks, you are on the right page. Universal Nutrition claims that even a next door guy can get a toned body with the use of Animal Cuts Fat Burner.

You need to use the product and make sure you follow a strict exercise regime. Even the stubbornest molecules of fat will melt away like soft honey wax. We thought the potential customers in the market do not want to miss out animal cuts review that we compiled after weeks of research.

Animal Cuts fat burner is a complete and all-inclusive solution to weight loss. It contains substances and ingredients that act with a multi-pronged approach. It has been made using 40 ingredients.

Hold on! Continue reading  this animal cuts review below to know all the relevant details before jumping to any conclusion.

How Does Animal Cuts Fat Burner Work?

Labelled as the ‘complete cutting stack’ by the company, with a ‘ripped and peeled’ result, Animal Cuts targets fat deposited in the body in multiple ways. Let us understand the working mechanism of this product.

Animal Cuts uses 8 diverse styles to successfully eliminate fat from the body:

Thermogenic Heightening – This leads to a lot of heat generation in the body, a result of fat burning. You might experience warmer or even hotter hands and rest of the body. The outflow of heat can literally be felt while on the pills.

Metabolism enhancing – They have made a strong attempt to increase the rate of breaking down food, implying an increase in metabolism. This is definitely the most basic action to kick start weight loss.

Thyroid bracing – The product will increase thyroid activity in your body. This is an important function as many people find it difficult to lose weight due to an unshakable inactive thyroid.

Nootropics – These relatively newer compounds on the block lead to improved brain function, cognitive ability and ultimately implying improved coordination in all day-to-day activities.

Appetite resistor / CCK – It becomes difficult to control diet once the calories are restricted and burnt in increased amounts. Appetite resistors act on your body in a way so as to give a feeling of being full for a long time. The rest of it is all in the mind, for which you need to think positive and be strong to indulge during times of cravings.

Diuretics Compounds – Many of us have a hard time getting rid of the subcutaneous water and also water retention in general. That makes up a good amount of weight, which is never lost on its own and makes some of us look cute in a chubby way. Diuretic substances are a must to deal with this problem.

Cortisol Curbing – This ‘stress hormone’ is released by the body during times of stress. Adding cortisol curbing compounds is an excellent idea for weight loss, because physically and psychologically the body deals with a lot of stress.

This stress is a result of eating minimum quantitates while working as usual as well as the mental burden of seeing weight loss results.

The special Bioavailability Complex – Animal cuts banks on these active compounds, which in their opinion cannot be avoided.

All these points of action combine to make sure that no stone is left unturned while trying to lose weight. Universal Nutrition has been smart enough to keep some minute details hidden from all, probably so as to keep their formula unique in the market.

The black and red package reaches you through an online order or you can buy it from a nearby store. It is readily available in the market. It contains pills which have different colors to represent the ingredients used to make them and their respective purposes. Universal Nutrition advices a strict regime in order to see results within a short span of time.

Animal Cuts comes with a differentiation, but it is not a reinvention in the field of weight loss. For people who believe it is not working on them or not in the right way, you must ensure that along with the pills, your diet and workout plans are suitable to your need.

The pills make you sweat like a horse. You need to drink a lot of water as sweat is one means for the body to get rid of excess energy that is released but not utilized.

Though most probably you would be eating less while the pills are working, but you will still have a lot of energy released by burning of fat in your body. You will not get tired easily and will be able to follow your daily routine without difficulty.

Animal Cuts Fat Burner Ingredients

We can swear by the kind of comprehensive approach being followed by this product. Though companies try do include many ingredients in their products, this one is so detailed that it was not possible to pack all the goodness just in one pill.

Many products that you believe are substitutes for Animal Cuts use a relatively small number of common ingredients like green tea extract, 7-keto, green coffee bean extract and caffeine.

And of course all of them use chemicals which work together with these ingredients to aid weight loss or cutting. Also, these combinations lead to burning the body fat and limiting the craving for food.

There are many ingredients in Animal Cuts which are common and others which are not common in weight loss products. Mentioned below is the detail of ingredients in order to share the most information with our readers:

#1. Thermogenic Heightening (750 Mg Per Pack):

Caffeine Anhydrous, Kola Nut, Guarana, Yerba Mate, Raspberry Ketones, Coleus Forskohlii, Evodiamine

#2. Metabolism Enhancing (750 Mg):


Green Tea Extract, (98% Polyphenols/45% EGCG), Oolong Tea Extract (50% Polyphenols), Black Tea Extract (60% Polyphenols), Coffee Bean Extract (50% Polyphenols), White Tea Extract (90% Polyphenols), Thyroid bracing – L-Tyrosine, Olive Leaf Extract, (15% Oleuropein), Salvia Officinalis

#3. Nootropics (500 Mg):

DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol), Bacopa Monniera (Bacopasides A & B), ß-Phenylethylamine (ß-PEA), Xanthinol Nicotinate, Huperzine A

#4. Appetite Resistor / CCK (300 Mg):

Cha-De-Bugre, Hoodia Gordonii, Jojoba Seed Extract (Simmondsin)

#5. Diuretics Compounds (800 Mg):

Dandelion Root, (Taraxol, Taraxerol), Uva Ursi Leaf (Arbutin, Methyl-Arbutin), Hydrangea Root, Buchu Leaf, Juniper Berry Fruit, Celery Seed

#6. Cortisol Curbing (300 Mg):

Ashwangandha Extract, (1.5% Withanolides), Rhodiola Rosea, (Rosavins), SerinAid, Magnolia Bark Extract

#7. The Special Bioavailability Complex (500 Mg):

Ginger Root, (Gingerols, Shogaols), Cayenne, Grapefruit (6,7-Dihydroxybergamottin), Quercetin, Naringin (Citrus), Bioperine

#8. Other Ingredients:

Gelatin, Dicalcium Phosphate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Red #40, FD&C Yellow #6, FD&C Red #3, FD&C Yellow #5.

Caffeine is the most common ingredient in Animal Cuts, hence there is nothing special about it. Research shows that it does help in weight loss and improves short term memory, but reduces nutrient absorption greatly with continued intake in large amounts.

Raspberry ketones support weight loss but there is no 100% proof of the same and coleus is a very good thermogenesis agent.

Evodiamine is a Chinese herb, which has shown to remove caffeine from the body. We are not sure of its benefit here. The various tea and coffee extracts have been added in a good amount which lead to positive results. L-Tyrosine, Olive Leaf Extract and Salvia Officinalis do a good work but Salvia Officinalis might lead to the release of some female hormones.

Almost all the herbs used for the diuretic action are preferred because they dry out the body without draining potassium. Excellent work here! Ashwagandha is a well-known herb commonly used in Ayurveda to rightfully aid weight loss. Rhodiola is also great at inhibiting cortisol.

Side Effects and Concerns in Using Animal Cuts

If you browse the internet, there are innumerable customers who reported not having faced any side effects.

Considering the number of pills for each doze, the chances of side effects are fairly on the higher side. 4250mgs of pills two times in a day is not any kid’s play. Just like any other medication users might experience side effects. Though these can be mild or severe, it is good to understand when to take any of them seriously.

Some people feel awfully energetic and restless the entire day, so much that they find it difficult to channelize the energy. This happens when the 21-day course is ongoing, but when they wake up the next morning, they feel that energy levels are a lot lesser than the last evening.

After taking the first doze of the day they again feel energetic. Some people found it challenging to maintain energy levels after they stopped taking the pills. In a rare case, a young man realized his diet was increasing again after the pills were stopped, he had reached his target before this though.

These pills have a lot of impact on the digestive system. People sweat more and urinate more. It is important to ensure that you remain well hydrated all the time despite having to use the restroom very often.

The trivial side effects can be stomach cramps, nausea, burps, warm to hot feeling on the skin and head ache. If the pills are working well a lower blood pressure can also be experienced.

In extreme cases the problem becomes severe and you might feel dizzy. Dry mouth and increased pulse rate make it difficult to continue with daily chores unaffected and require some management. If you are in touch with an expert or gym instructor, he will be able to help you deal with this.

During an acid reflux (if you experience one), you can take any over the counter antacid. At times acidity also leads to headaches, hence headaches are not always caused by the pill itself.

If headaches become common and/or unbearable consult a doctor before continuing the pill anymore. Though no such sever problem has been raised, but it is better to be safe.

Sometimes the increase in body temperature can be high enough so as to cause nosebleeds. You can take first aid in such a case. Jitters are another side effect, which are common in case of most such pills.

Sleeplessness, difficulty in breathing and nervousness have been experience by some users too. And so have been vomiting, hypertension and skin sensitivity. Universal Nutrition advices that no other caffeine product be consumed while the course is on.

The experience of consumers says that if a product with caffeine was being consumed before starting the pills, then it would not cause any harm or difference.

For people who take any medicines regularly, must contact their doctor before starting with the fat burner pills. You must be above eighteen (18) years old in order to consume Animal Cuts.

We are looking forward to proper medical researches that can help establish the credibility of the product with complete surety.

Also, if Universal Nutrition could share the details of component quantities many people who are sensitive to such ones could take more care. This could actually be a factor in deciding whether to go for or against Animal Cuts.

They also need to consider the use of DMAE which is not permitted for use in Canada and Australia.

Is It Really Effective?

If we analyze the cost benefit proportion, it will vary from one user to another, as each person has a different body, diet, time taken to get results and the work out plan.

When you start using Animal Cuts, the first two to three weeks will bring about weight loss. Remember that the water is lost from the body first and then the fat. As a result, you might require more than one cycle of 3+1 weeks to actually burn fat.

There are no major objections filed against the company, which clearly suggests that it has not posed any danger for the customers till date. Also, Universal Nutrition is an established company, well known for its products since long and that’s does provide a sense of trust and security.

The product is not FDA approved and Universal Nutrition clearly mentions on the packaging that the statement mentioned on the labels have not been approved by the FDA. The product is made in USA, and hence it does need to match the GMP standards and requirements, which it totally does.

Some users report great results by the time the third pack is consumed. At the same time there are people who say that the progress in terms of weight loss and cutting was very slow.

People who hope to achieve extraordinary results often try multiple products of this category. This is also done by professionals in the field of body building to test the products and to see results.

However, we suggest that you stay away from changing brands or products often and stick to this one and complete two to four cycles. Of course this must be done after the preliminary testing to determine if the product suits you or not.

There are a lot of animal cuts fat burner reviews on the internet written by people who claim to have lost weight quickly by experimenting and increasing the number of pills at their own will.

We do not support any such idea and believe that it is always best to go with the directions specifically provided by the company. You can also start taking some other product from Animal brand when starting with Animal Cuts.

While fat gets burnt and your appetite gets reduced, you might need supplements to take care of muscle mass and daily nutritional requirement.

For anyone suffering from any of the following diseases, or a family history of the same, do not consume Animal Cuts pills without discussing with a doctor:

heart disease/ condition, thyroid (hypo or hyper), liver malfunction or disease, kidney disease, diabetes/ high blood sugar, high blood pressure, recurrent headaches / migraine, depression or any psychiatric conditions, glaucoma, urinating problems, prostate enlargement and seizures / convulsions.

If you use MonoAmine Oxidase Inhibitor (MAOI), anti-depressants, dietary supplement, prescription medication or over-the-counter medicines, please consult a physician.

If a surgery has to be undergone, use must be discontinued two weeks earlier or as a doctor recommends. Pregnant women or nursing women should not take these under any circumstances.

The product is not a means of diagnosing, treating, curing or preventing any disease. It cannot be a substitute for any medicines of any nature of any kind, for e.g. allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda, etc.

All said and done, Animal Cut is definitely an above average fat burner, at least in terms of weight loss.

How to take Animal Cuts?

One pack contains pills for consumption spread across 21 days/3 weeks. A big glass full of plan water is the best option to swallow the pills with. Universal Nutrition does the pre-packing for you and when you open the jar, it contains small plastic pouches.

All the pills in any single pouch constitute one doze. There are 9 different color coded pills to be taken twice a day. This sure does sound a little uneasy. You must take two dozes every day. Taking 18 pills every day for 21 days can be a bit challenging in terms of the psychological experience for some people.

Remember to keep a gap of six hours between the dozes in one day. If the gap is more it should not be a problem, but reducing the gap below six hours in between is not a good option. On the completion of one cycle of 21 days, do not start the next pack within the next 7 days.

After this break of 7 day/1 week, you can start with the next pack and continue again for 21 days. This cycle of 3+1 weeks can be repeated till the time you reach your target of weight loss. It is a good idea to consume the pills after the meal, though they can be swallowed on empty stomach too.

You do not require Animal Cuts if you weight loss target is just a few pounds. This product is suited more to the needs of professionals like weight lifters, athletes, models and body builders. Young men are a major target market for weight loss with the product. You can order Animal Cuts online for a discount.

Final Animal Cuts Review

To sum up, Animal Cuts has a lot to offer to people anxious for weight loss and aspiring for hot looks. What is needed is only some more information from the company, first-hand research from medical institutions and care on part of consumers.

We hope all this detailed information helped you get a clearer outlook on the product and taking the pick!

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