hcg activitor review feature image

hCG Activator review

    hCG Activator, now known as hCG Alternative, is a supplement that, according to its manufacturer, BioGenetic Laboratories, is a natural alternative to hormone administration. In other words, this product stimulates your body to produce more of a hormone that already exists in your body. But instead of you having to go to the …

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Burn HD review Feature image

Burn HD review

Burn HD by Dietspotlight is a weight loss system that gained a lot of popularity. Just like many other diet supplements, Burn HD enjoys enormous popularity thanks to the media. This product promises to make you lose weight through the burning of fat. The main ingredient of this supplement apparently is produced at a certified …

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Isagenix IsaFlush review Feature Image

Isagenix IsaFlush review

The label on every bottle of IsaFlush features the following statement: “supports balanced digestive regularity”. Isaflush by Isagenix is a dietary supplement that promises to aid in digestion with the purpose of supporting the body´s ability to absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. Isagenix, which is an MLM, states that the product is not a laxative, …

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Plexus Slim review feature image

Plexus Slim review

Plexus Slim is a nutritious beverage that contains prebiotics. According to its description, it helps grow a number of important intestinal bacteria. This fruit-tasting drink promotes healthy glucose metabolism, helping you lose weight in the process. According to the official website, Plexus has been clinically proven to be effective to lose weight. In such a …

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Vysera CLS review feature image

Vysera CLS review

Vysera CLS is a supplement that boldly states it can make changes to reshape your body in 30 days. This miraculous diet pill is advertised as an effective method to drastically drop those pounds. But not only will this pill help you lose weight; you will also get some inches off your waist, get rid …

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Active PK Review feature image

Active PK Review

Are you eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly but still struggling to lose weight? Do you have stubborn fat around your stomach and mid-section? You’re not alone. Belly fat can be a symptom of some more serious health concerns including metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. So getting on top of is …

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