fit miss burn image and reviews

FitMiss Burn Reviews – Scam, or Good Buy? We Reveal it all!

FitMiss Burn markets itself as a 6-stage fat-burning system for women. The pill claims to help by acting as an energy and fat metabolizer, appetite suppressor, anti-stress mood balancer, water shedding diuretic complex, and a digestive enzyme aid. That’s a tall order to expect from any single pill. But the FitMiss pill claims to offer all of these benefits.


  • Works well as a diuretic


  • 4 pills per day
  • Only 30 pills per bottle
  • Most people don’t see results
  • Overpriced
fit miss burn image and reviews

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FitMiss Burn – Full Review

Let’s take a closer look at what’s in these pills and whether they are safe and effective for weight loss. The FitMiss Burn pills are designed for otherwise active women who have low energy, food cravings and a hard time concentrating when they’re trying to lose weight.

Before moving on, here’s a sweeping look at the FitMiss Burn pills. They try to target fat from a multi-pronged approach, so that you get the most out of your workouts and have enough energy to make it through the day without getting tired out.

The first two stages focus on energy. The third stage focuses on reduction of appetite, and buffing the bodies fat burning abilities. The fourth stage helps to balance moods and the fifth stage works to lower water retention.

The sixth stage helps to boost digestion and improve the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. For women who often fail to keep up with diets, the FitMiss Burn pills may be the answer.

How FitMiss Burn Works?

FitMiss Burn Pills on the whole makes it easier for the body to lose extra fat. It contains ingredients that act as appetite suppressors, so that you don’t feel food cravings on a diet.

You take in less calories and lose weight faster. Some of the other ingredients in the pills boosts the body’s ability to burn fat. This helps the user to get leaner and more toned body.

The pills also help to enhance concentration and boost mood. Both of these are areas that are affected during a diet in which calories are controlled.

FitMiss Burn Ingredients

Let’s take a look at the long list of ingredients that the FitMiss Burn Pills contain, and how they work across the stages.

#Stage 1&2

#1. Green Tea Extract (50% EGCG)

There have been multiple studies to show green tea extract aids weight loss. It is not only an excellent stimulant rivalling coffee, but it is a great source of antioxidants called catechins that help burn fat through a complex process.

EGCG is the most potent catechin that stimulates thermogenesis and helps burn calories. It should not be taken on an empty stomach or it can lead to an EGCG spike, which will not be as effective.

Despite green tea’s many benefits, any more than the equivalent of 16 cups of green tea in a day can be harmful. It should be noted that green tea is less effective in people who are resistant to caffeine – in other words, heavy coffee drinkers.

#2. Caffeine Anhydrous (150mg)

Caffeine anhydrous, or concentrated, dehydrated coffee powder, which is a powerful stimulant. Hundreds of studies have shown that it can improve mental sharpness, suppress appetite and keep you awake.

When caffeine is combined with green tea, the body produces more noradrenaline as well as dopamine and serotonin, all of which boost mood and confidence. As long as you’re not resistant or extra sensitive to caffeine, you should be able to enjoy its benefits and stay energetic all day.

#3. Guarana Seed Extract (22% caffeine)

Guarana seeds are exotic seeds found in the Amazon region. They are known for their high caffeine content. While coffee contains 1 to 2 percent caffeine, guarana seed contains between 2.5 and 7 percent of it.

When taken in recommended doses, it reduces appetite and effectively lowers daily calorie intake. It is also a diuretic. This means it reduces water weight in the body. This can be quite inspiring on the weighing scale.

Studies have found that it may stimulate loss of body fat.

#4. Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is yet another source of caffeine, extracted from a South American leaf. But it also contains theophylline and theobromine, valuable compounds found in dark chocolate.

Theobromine, as a mild stimulant that increases insulin sensitivity in the body, can help weight loss efforts. It also elevates mood. Lab studies have found theophylline may be effective in treating obesity.

#Stage 3

#1. Glucomannan

Glucomannan is a sugar sourced from konjac plant roots, which absorbs water and acts as bulky fiber that slows down the absorption of cholesterol and sugar. It helps to reduce cholesterol levels and helps to control diabetes and sugar.

Some early research has shown that Glucomannan taken orally may improve weight loss in obese patients.

#2. White Kidney Bean

Early research suggests that white kidney bean extract may offer some benefits for weight loss.

Not everyone will experience the same effects, but those that do may find that taking the extract before a meal can help lose more body fat (rather than lean tissue).

The effects are improved when it is combined with cardio and resistance training. The kidney beans produce a substance that interferes amylase, which is an enzyme that breaks down carbs for energy.

#3. Raspberry Ketones

The compound naturally found in raspberries may speed up metabolism. It may also affect the adiponectin hormone in the body, causing it to speed up the rate at which the body burns fat. It may also help to lower appetite.

There are a lot more studies needed for confirmation. Until then, raspberry ketones continue to be popular in weight loss pills.

#4. Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha lipoic acid is being studied as a supplement for weight loss. While all users may not enjoy the same weight loss effects from the supplement as the research, it is a popular inclusion in fitness supplements.

This antioxidant plays an important role in the kitchens of the cells, or mitochondria. When taken with exercise and a good diet, it can help to speed up metabolism and burn fat.

#5. Cayenne (40,000 HU/g)

Cayenne pepper is known to help burn calories and speed up metabolism. ACcording to researchers, the capsaicin present in cayenne pepper is thermogenic. This means it lowers appetite and speeds up the body’s metabolism.

#6. Chromium (as Chromium Picolinate)

Some studies have shown that chromium picolinate can reduce fat mass, increase lean muscle and decrease body fat. Many supplements for athletes contain this compound.

#Stage 4

#1. DL-Phenylalanine (DLPA)

This compound has been found to elevate mood, combat depression, and curb appetite. It is a combination of L-Phenylalanine and D-Phenylalanine, both essential amino acids that help build proteins. They have a role to play in regulating weight.

#2. 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP)

5-HTP is produced in the body but it’s also produced chemically from the seeds of an African plant. In the body, this chemical boosts serotonin, which keeps hunger cravings away. Early studies have found that 5-HTP may help to reduce caloric intake and weight in people who are obese.

#3. Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract

No studies have proved that gingko biloba is good for weight loss. But it has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, and experiential evidence suggests that an extract of the leaf contains two properties which may help with weight loss.

The leaf contains flavonoids, the same antioxidants that are also found in green tea. Some clinical studies have found that these flavonoids produce weight loss.

Gingko biloba also contains something called terpenoids, which help to speed up blood flow and boost metabolism. These two ingredients have made gingko biloba supplements one of America’s fastest selling.

#4. Turmeric

The spice turmeric has been used as an Ayurvedic medicine for centuries because of its anti-inflammatory effects. Turmeric alone won’t help you lose weight, but it may boost your body’s fat burning capacity and lower the inflammation that comes with obesity.

Early studies have found that the cucurmin present in turmeric may suppress growth of fat tissues. It also suppresses inflammatory responses in many cells. This helps to prevent high blood sugar, high insulin resistance, and high cholesterol.

#5. Garlic

Garlic doesn’t help reduce weight alone. But when taken with exercise and a balanced diet, it may support your weight loss efforts. Some studies have shown that garlic has a fat-burning effect.

Another study has suggested that it may improve heart health in postmenopausal women. Garlic lowers blood pressure, so it should not be taken in large doses for fat loss without consulting a physician.

#6. Echinacea Purpurea Extract

A Rocky Mountain native herb Echinacea Purpurea is widely used to treat common infections like flu, as well as ADHD, anxiety and chronic fatigue syndrome. Not many people may know that it’s also used for improving exercise performance.

Echinacea appears to activate some anti-inflammatory chemicals in the body and stimulate the immune system. Some research has shown that taking echinacea four times a day for a month increases oxygen intake during workouts.

This helps to improve performance during exercise.

#Stage 5

#1. Uva Ursi (Bearberry)

The Uva Ursi plant is widely used to make medicine for UTIs and other inflammatory conditions. Extract from the plant contains tannins which have astringent effects.

They help to shrink the body’s mucous membranes. Besides its benefits in treating bladder infections, urva ursi is a diuretic that can reduce water retention.

It doesn’t mean that the extract can increase fat loss, and there aren’t enough studies to suggest it has weight loss benefits.

#2. Dandelion Extract

Similar to uva ursi, dandelion extract also helps shed water weight. The reason many people drink dandelion tea is because it helps to decrease body fluid, which is beneficial if you’re retaining water for any reason.

However, as with all diuretics, too much can lead to dehydration.

#3. Potassium Aspartate

Potassium aspartate is often used in supplements because of its diuretic properties. It also provides the body with potassium, which helps maintain proper blood pressure levels and nerve function.

#Stage 6

#1. DigeSEB

DigeSEB is a specialty blend of enzymes that are good for digestion and general nutrition, and prevent bloating. Overall digestive health is an important element in any weight loss program.

Without proper digestion, bloating and gas can make all your exercise and muscle building activities look unsuccessful. Proper digestion also helps to better break down food for energy, and ensures that your workouts are fueled properly.

The digestive enzymes present in the FitMiss Burn pill includes lipase, amylase, lactase, protease I,II and III, the specialty enzyme blend HemiSEB, papain and others.

#2. Almond Oil Powder

Contrary to what many people think, monosaturated fats are good for weight loss. Almonds are not low calorie, but when paired with a healthy diet of vegetables, fruits and proteins, they provide a necessary dose of omega fatty acids.

These fatty acids lower bad cholesterol. Some studies have shown that they help with weight loss and prevent heart diseases.

#3. Corn

Corn is rich in antioxidants and doesn’t deserve the bad reputation it has received, because of its inclusion in processed foods. Corn in the diet adds fiber and when it’s well ground-up, it is easier for the body to absorb its nutrients.

#4. Kelp

Kelp is also known for its protection against flatulence and bloating. Kelp is great for good digestion. It is rich in fiber, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

#5. Apple Pectin

Apple pectin is another soluble dietary fiber that further aids digestion. It helps regulate the function of the intestines.

Additional Ingredients

The FitMiss Burn pills also contain gelatin, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, and maltodextrin.

The gelatin gives the pills a soft shell, which makes them easier to take. People who don’t enjoy taking capsules will have less trouble swallowing these softgel pills.

Magnesium stearate is a common presence in pills because it is an excellent lubricant. Silicon dioxide is added to foods to prevent caking. All these additional ingredients are additives that are approved by the FDA and safe for use.

FitMiss Burn Side Effects

Those who have used FitMiss Burn haven’t reported a lot of side effects other than those associated with a high stimulant intake. Some users have reported shakiness and a rapid heartbeat.

Others have reported excessive sweating and trouble with sleep. Some women have reported headaches and heart palpitations. Since the pill contains some diuretics, you may feel the symptoms of dehydration if enough water is not taken with the pills.

The glucomannan contained in the pill, which helps to curb the appetite, can lead to bloating and some digestive discomforts. Overall, the FitMiss Burn pills haven’t been reported to cause serious side effects.

But it contains some stimulants that can cause jitteriness in women who are sensitive to these substances.If you have health conditions or are under medication, you should only take the pills after consultation with your doctor.

It should be noted that the pills are manufactured in a facility that may also produce products containing egg, milk, soybeans, fish, shellfish, peanuts and tree nuts. If you are allergic to any of these products, be careful with use.

Keep the pills out of the reach of children. The pills are not intended for kids, and should only be used by healthy adults over the age of 18.

FitMiss Burn Effectiveness

A quick browse through conversations about the FitMiss Burn pills by users will reveal that feelings about the effectiveness of the pills are mixed. This is to be expected from any weight loss and fitness pill, since every body reacts differently to the ingredients they contain.

But most people report feeling highly energetic after taking the pills. Some women have reported being less bloated after taking the pills. Others have said that the pills have helped them to curb their appetites. Yet others have reported losing anywhere between 3 pounds and 30 pounds over varying periods of time.

The pills are recommended and effective when taken with proper diet and exercise. Women have also reported enhanced moods and reduced hunger cravings after taking the pills.

How to take FitMiss Burn?

As with all fitness pills, there are recommended directions on how to take them. It is important to follow the directions since there are stimulants present in the pills that have different effects when taken with food and on an empty stomach.

One serving of the pills is two capsules. Two capsules can be taken with a glass of water (about 8 ounces) about 30 to 45 minutes before breakfast or before lunch. Depending on your needs, you can also take the capsules before both meals. However, make sure not to take the pills at least six hours before bedtime.

Don’t forget to drink a lot of water when you’re taking the FitMiss Burn pills. If you don’t take the pills without enough water, you may face some symptoms of dehydration.

In addition, if you don’t take the pills without the 8 ounces of water recommended, it could swell up and block your throat. The manufacturers recommend that the pills should not be taken if you have trouble swallowing them.

You should also avoid the pills if you experience side effects like chest pain, difficulty in swallowing, vomiting and difficulty in breathing. The pills should not be taken with alcohol. They should also be taken for a maximum of eight weeks. Since the FitMiss Burn pills already contain a lot of caffeine, you should not drink coffee or other caffeinated products with it.

The pills have a diuretic effect, and without enough water going in, it is easy to get dehydrated. The manufacturers recommend drinking at least a gallon of water in a day while you’re taking the pills.

So after covering a detailed fitmiss burn review, I’m sure you would be able to take the right decision about it and would definitely give it a try for your weight loss.

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