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Lipozene Review

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Lipozene is a supplement composed of one single ingredient: glucomannan. The EFSA has approved this ingredient for his action an appetite suppressant.

Glucomannan acts on the stomach by expanding itself, creating a sensation of fullness.

Let’s explore all the benefits of this dietary supplement, which comes with a money-back guarantee. There are plenty but one major caveat is that it will only last for five days, which might make those bills pile up.

Lipozene Ingredients

As stated below, there is mainly one ingredient in Lipozene. Now, the manufacturers describe the product have a proprietary blend. But the active ingredient in this blend is the one we mentioned: Amorphophallus Konjac or Glucomannan.

The ingredient glucomannan comes from the root of an Asian plant known as Konjac. This ingredient is a soluble fiber capable of absorbing up to 17 times its own weight in water.

This means that when it falls into the stomach, it absorbs the water in it, increasing its volume. This creates a sensation of fullness. As a consequence, appetite is suppressed. For this reason, glucomannan is considered a dietary fiber and used to treat constipation.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) backed up its efficiency in weight reduction after studies suggested that this ingredient can cause a body-weight loss when taken.

Lipozene Claims

Lipozene makes the following claim regarding the active ingredient in their product and how this one works to lose weight:

“Lipozene contains a clinically proven super-fiber from the Konjac Root. Lipozene’s incredible fiber has the ability to expand 200x its size (by weight) when in water. Once Lipozene capsules dissolve in the stomach, the Lipozene fiber blend activates in water and creates a feeling of fullness that lasts for hours. Without the use of potentially harmful stimulants, Lipozene can safely help you control calories.

In addition to weight loss and weight management, there are other well-documented benefits associated with the use of Lipozene’s active ingredient.”


  • Clinically proven
  • No harmful stimulants
  • It helps to reduce weight by producing a sensation of fullness
  • It is safe and effective


  • It is pretty expensive.
  • Complaints about customer service and auto-ship programs.
  • Too many negative reviews.
  • Complaints of product not working and misleading claims.
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The fine print states that the statements have not been approved by the FDA. Besides this, results presented as stories of success are not typical.


Lipozene Guarantees

The product’s guarantee section states the following:

All weight loss pills shipped by Lipozene come with a 30-day money back guarantee less $1.35 processing fee. Customers have 30 days to return Lipozene for a refund. Return authorization numbers must be received from Customer Service and written on the shipping box.

Please contact Customer Service with any questions about Lipozene’s weight loss guarantee at 1-888-220-8907

Note: The Weight Loss Guarantee & Return Policy applies to Internet and TV purchases directly from Lipozene® only and does not apply to purchases made at retail stores or other third parties.

This basically means that although there is a money-back guarantee, you are still bound to pay a $1.35 processing fee. This is the cost of your risk. It is not too bad considering that some other companies charge up to $10 of processing fee and sometimes even 10% of the product’s cost.


How Much Does Lipozene Cost?

One bottle of Lipozene containing 30 capsules. One order is worth $29.95 and includes two bottles of 30 capsules each, totaling 60 capsules.

It sounds cheap but only before you consider the recommended dose. In fact, it becomes quite an investment on the long run. One bottle of 30 capsules will only last for five days. Meaning that you will be spending near to $100/month, which is a factor that might deter you from taking this option.


How to Take Lipozene

Clearing out what I mentioned before, the recommended dose is 2 capsules 30 minutes before every meal with 8 oz of water. This means that you should take 6 capsules in one day. A bottle of 30 capsules is gone in 5 days.


Does Lipozene Work?

Glucomannan, the active ingredient in Lipozene is a substance that absorbs water when coming in contact with it. It bulges and turns into this gel-like structure. This creates a sensation of fullness, therefore helping the user stick to their diet.

Lipozene must be a supplement to a healthy diet. It is also thought that Glucomannan helps to slow the rise of blood sugar levels after a meal.

According to study results, glucomannan is somewhat effective to suppress hunger. A study involving 200 obese patients in 2008 resulted in those using glucomannan to lose 4+ kg more, on average, than those taking a placebo.

A study made in 1984 and published in the International Journal of Obesity delivered similar results.

In conclusion, Lipozene can aid in weight loss by suppressing hunger. It helps the user stick to a low-calorie diet by reducing hunger.


Is Lipozene a Scam, or is it worth the money?

As with any dietary supplement, Lipozene’s results will vary among users. Now, is it a scam? Well, it all depends. Let me elaborate.

This product does not burn fat, or melt it away. It does not help your body get rid of fat or anything similar. Lipozene only contains glucomannan, which simply suppresses hunger. If it is not properly complemented with a healthy diet, results will not be visible.

Now, for it being worth your money, I am going to go with a no here. The main reason is that the product is not really worth the investment if you are not committed to a strict diet. We are talking about a nearly $100/month investment.


What Are The Side Effects Of Lipozene?

Being composed of only one ingredient, Lipozene feels harmful, but it can still have some side effects.

The first thing to consider is that this supplement works by absorbing water. If users do not take enough water, they may experience stomach cramps and constipation. Also, remember that glucomannan is fiber so, bowel movement might increase. Diarrhea might occur as well.

Blood sugar levels are also affected by the consumption of this product so diabetics must consult with their doctor before taking any glucomannan-based product.

The product expands in size when absorbing water so there is a chance of choking. Always take the capsule and do not take the powder alone.


Lipozene Customer Reviews

This product has many negative reviews on Amazon. Most of them have to do with it not working at all and false claims of it helping burn fat. In fact, some users claimed that they began gaining weight after using the product.

The five-star reviews do not seem legit and are very vague.

The following are some of the reviews:

“Ineffective compared to other caffeine based supplements. There was no difference on this pill than not taking anything, no increased energy, no appetite loss, etc. waste of money get something better- commercials and product advertisement are all paid for because this does NOTHING”

“As a certified and licensed fitness professional, I have clients asking me all the time about items that have “claims” to weight loss. I have always stood by exercise and proper diet, no pill has a “fix”. I try all things my clients ask about so I can no for sure and have real experience. This did absolutely nothing other than getting money from me.”

“I lost no weight at all. The ONLY thing that this weight loss product did that was positive is that it brought my blood pressure down. I actually had to discontinue my BP meds due to this product (something I was happy about).”

“I Will not buy this product again. In fact, I will tell everyone about how false this is. Total waste of money, time and energy. People out there, don’t buy this. It’s false advertising”


Where to Buy Lipozene?

Lipozene can be purchased at their official website. With your purchase of two bottles, you get a ‘gift’ bottle of MetaboUP Plus, a metabolic booster. Shipping is free if you order from the website. Amazon also offers free shipping for orders above $25.

There is an issue with purchasing from the official website, though. First, you have to enter bank details and then it is not clear what type of compromise you are getting yourself into.

It is also available in other third party websites including Amazon, where you can buy one 30-capsule bottle at $9..43 plus $4.99 shipping.

You can also get it on the Walmart website and some selected stores.


Final Decision On Lipozene

When a product tries to advertise itself as something that it is not, it just makes it harder to build trust. False claims of being a fat reducer make this product not reliable.

Then there are too many negative reviews on how bad it works. This does not mean that it does not work, but it could mean that it does only under very strict dietary settings. Even then, the results are not as satisfactory as one would expect for the price.

There are some easier ways to help lose weight and have a proper fitness life.

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