Natrol AcaiBerry Diet Supplement Review


  • Contains caffeine to boost energy, which helps you to work out harder and longer
  • Boosts metabolism to help you burn more calories with your diet and exercise routine
  • Affordable


  • There is no scientific evidence to support the link between Acai berry and weight loss
  • The product is only suggested to work when combined with a healthy diet and exercise routine
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Want to get fit and lose weight?

Do you lack the energy and motivation to actually go to the gym and stop mindlessly snacking?

This is fairly common, and can be disheartening if you’re trying to lose weight.

This is why a diet supplement like Natrol’s AcaiBerry Diet could be helpful in boosting your metabolism and energy levels.

Is A Diet Pill The Right Solution For Me?

If your current diet needs a little help, a weight loss supplement can boost your metabolism and curbing cravings.

Many people experience increased energy and mental alertness when using these diet pills. This could help you to stay sharp during a workout, and throughout the rest of the day while in a calorie deficit.

It is best consult your GP (General Practitioner) before incorporating any weight loss supplements in your diet. This product could impact other prescription medications for pre-existing problems.

Weight loss supplements are a temporary option that can enhance a healthy diet and exercise routine. You should not use these pills as a long-term solution to weight or health problems.

Is Natrol AcaiBerry Diet Suitable For Me?

There are many diet supplements on the market. It is important to choose the right type of weight loss pill for your needs. These supplements usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • Appetite suppressant – Curbs cravings and lowers appetite to make you feel fuller on a reduced caloric intake
  • Metabolism booster – Boosts your metabolic rate to increase the amount of calories burned
  • Fat absorption blocker – Prevents you from absorbing some of the fat you consume

Natrol AcaiBerry Diet works as a metabolism booster. The key ingredients like green tea and acai extract can help to speed up your metabolism so you burn calories faster.

A metabolism boost can be beneficial if you are looking to lose weight and keep it off. I only recommend trying this product if you plan to combine it with a healthy diet and exercise regime.

Natrol AcaiBerry Diet contains ingredients like acai, trivalent chromium and green tea extract. There is no evidence to link these ingredients to potential health risks.

This supplement should be suitable for most people taken as recommended.

This supplement is higher caffeine than your standard cup of coffee. If you are particularly sensitive, this product is probably not suitable for you.

Natrol AcaiBerry Diet contains milk, wheat and soy.

Unfortunately it is not suitable for vegans, or those with allergies to lactose or gluten.

What is Natrol AcaiBerry Diet?

The Natrol AcaiBerry Diet supplement is a metabolism boosting health management pill. The product claims to help you burn more calories and boost energy and mental alertness.
AcaiBerry Diet is regarded as one of the most affordable weight management supplements on the market. The product retails at a much lower price than its competitors for a 30 day pack (60 pills).

AcaiBerry Diet is the sister product of Natrol’s already successful AcaiBerry supplement. The original AcaiBerrry capsules focus on the anti-aging and antioxidant benefits of acai. The AcaiBerry products are two of the many supplements available from Natrol. Natrol is a California-based company with over 30 years of experience in the field.

Natrol AcaiBerry Diet Ingredients In-Depth

Açaí Extract – 500mg per serve

The media has labeled Acai berries as a “super fruit” due to its long list of potential health benefits. Acai contains a many essential vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to consume. However, many claims about the benefits of acai are not backed by science, such as weight loss and anti-aging.

The acai berry is a powerful antioxidant, as advertised in Natrol’s original AcaiBerry product.

Antioxidants have a range of health benefits, including targeting free radicals. Free radicals can affect your immune system and cause disease and chronic illness.

The Acai berry scores highly on the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC). The ORAC is the measurement tool used to assess the antioxidant strength of foods.

Green Tea Extract – 160mg per serve

Green Tea Extract (GTE) is regarded in alternative medicine for its high nutrient concentration.

A majority of the claims that link green tea extract to weight loss focus on its caffeine content. Caffeine helps to increase your energy so you can work longer and harder towards your fitness goals. Green tea, or green tea extract, is an ideal alternative to coffee, as it is rich in polyphenols.

Polyphenols are antioxidants that can reduce inflammation and prevent disease-causing free radicals. Antioxidants are a major component of the ingredients in Natrol’s AcaiBerry Diet supplements. This means that even if you do not lose weight, the antioxidants will still be beneficial.

These polyphenols include substantial quantities of catechins called Epigallocatechin Gallate (ECGC). ECGC, combines with the added caffeine of green tea, helps boost your energy and noradrenaline (a hormone that releases to combat low blood pressure and stress). This combination helps you get the energy and confidence to push through your workout.

Chromium – 40mcg per serve

The other key ingredient used in Natrol AcaiBerry Diet supplements is chromium. Chromium is an essential mineral that can boost your metabolism and assist with insulin sensitivity issues.

Chromium is a mineral that is only required in small doses for healthy human consumption. There is minimal scientific understanding of exactly how much the daily dosage of chromium is.

Chromium has potential links to weight management, glucose control and increased muscle mass. But, this hypothesis is not backed by science.

Natrol AcaiBerry Diet Pills Claims

Weight management

Natrol AcaiBerry Diet supplement’s major claim is that it promotes weight loss.

Many users claim that the pill suppresses appetite and prevents unnecessary snacking. This is beneficial when trying to lose weight as it helps to minimise your daily caloric intake. The supplement also helps curb cravings, which is additionally supported by customer testimonials. This helps to minimise calorie consumption, and makes it easier to stick to a reduced-calorie diet.

While some customers have reported a drop in weight while using the supplements, results vary substantially. I recommend combining the product with a low calorie diet and a moderate exercise regime. This seems to provide the most desirable results among users.


The AcaiBerry Diet supplement contains moderate to high levels of caffeine. Therefore, a considerable boost in energy is an expected benefit of this product. This is perfect if you are struggling to find the energy to exercise while in a calorie deficit.

Increased energy is the most commonly reported benefit of Natrol’s diet supplement. This is a very positive side effect of this product in most cases. However, some customers complained that high caffeine content caused sleep disruptions. I recommend taking this early in the morning if you an afternoon coffee has an impact on your sleep.

Almost all customers responded positively about the energy boosting effect of the product.

Other Benefits of Natrol AcaiBerry Diet Supplement

Weight loss and increased energy are the main benefits of this supplement, but there are many other positive effects.

Many customers also felt more mentally alert while taking the AcaiBerry Diet capsules. This helps to improve concentration and decreases stress, so you can stay motivated and feel more mentally balanced.

The Natrol AcaiBerry Diet supplement also aids with digestion to help you have a more comfortable digestive routine. This is particularly beneficial for those suffering from constipation or bloating.

Natrol AcaiBerry Diet Customer Reviews

There are varying reviews about the Natrol AcaiBerry Diet supplements.

Many positive customer reviews rave about the appetite suppressing abilities of the product. These reports state that the AcaiBerry Diet pill helps to curb cravings and help with unnecessary snacking. There are also many positive stories about the energy boost this product gave them. This made it easier for them to work out harder and for longer.

Overall, few positive reviews that actually mention losing weight on this supplement. One particular Amazon shopper claims that the AcaiBerry Diet supplement helped her lose 40lbs. It is important to note that she combined this with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

A vast majority of the customer reviews of this product are positive. However, its hard to ignore the amount of reviews that claim the product doesn’t work at all. Most of the negative reviews are about the product not helping them to lose weight, or feel healthier. Others claim that they experienced vomiting, diarrhea or other negative symptoms.

Consult your doctor before trying this product if you have a particularly sensitive stomach.

Alternatives to Natrol AcaiBerry Diet Supplements

LFI Labs Enhance Acai

LFI Labs Enhance Acai supplements are an alternative to the Natrol pills with a generally higher customer review rating. The product claims to increase energy levels, assist with weight loss, remove toxins and improve mental alertness. This is very similar to the claims put forward by Natrol.

The Enhance Acai pill contains only pure acai extract. This could be ideal if you are looking for a more natural approach to the supplement. In comparison, the Natrol AcaiBerry diet supplement contains a combination of nutrient-rich ingredients.

You can learn more about the LFI Labs supplement, read customer reviews and buy the product here:

Rapid Slim Keto Pills

The Rapid Slim Keto supplement is a different form of weight loss pill. The product is highly rated and is considered to be a good solution for people who wish to lose weight fast .

This product contains the active ingredient beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB). BHB is a highly effective fat burner, as it helps your body quickly transition into ketosis (the metabolic process of burning fats for energy).

While the Rapid Slim product is not an acai dietary supplement, it is a good alternative to consider if you are looking for a weight loss solution. This product works by sending your body into the ketosis phase, which has been proven to help burn fat. Comparatively, Natrol acaiBerry Diet focuses on natural ingredients that are not proven.

If you think the Rapid Slim Keto Pill is a better fit for your dietary needs and weight loss goals, you can read more about the product and buy here:



Natrol AcaiBerry Diet

LFI Labs Enhance Acai

Rapid Slim Keto Pills


Budget $

Affordable $$

Affordable $$


  • Naturally derived ingredients
  • Cheap
  • Boosts energy
  • Suppresses cravings
  • Contains high levels of antioxidants
  • Pure acai extract
  • Natural ingredients
  • Lots of positive customer reviews
  • Affordable
  • Customer claims of weight loss benefits
  • Sends body into fat burning state
  • Large number of positive customer reviews
  • Science-based weight loss concept


  • Acai not proven to trigger weight loss
  • Minimal anecdotal evidence to show that product helps with weight management
  • Does not contain other beneficial nutrients
  • Acai not proven to trigger weight loss
  • Essentially just a nutrient supplement, not a weight loss pill
  • Does not contain naturally derived ingredients
  • Works in conjunction with a ketogenic diet
  • Not suitable for people looking for acai supplements



The Natrol AcaiBerry Diet supplement has a range of health and lifestyle benefits. Most customer report increased energy, improved mental capacity and help with curbing cravings.

While this product has a high popularity among users, there is no scientific proof that acai extract has an impact on weight management.

While many customer experiences are positive, only a few reviews actually lost weight.

Overall, this product can have some really beneficial impacts on your health and lifestyle. But, if you are looking for a supplement for weight loss, I think there are better alternatives on the market.

If you’d like a boost in your energy levels and concentration, this product could be perfect for you. You can buy the Natrol Acai Berry Diet capsules here:

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