Performix SST Supplement Reviews: Will it Work for Me?


  • Huge energy boost – good for intense workouts
  • No crash


  • Huge energy boost – can feel overwhelming to some
  •  Not as effective as the original formula
  • Can cause profuse sweating
  • Causes headaches
Performix SST Review

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 We all hate those stubborn fat cells that refuse to leave us for the better.

Months of exhausting workouts, a starving diet and falling morale either make us quit or cheat on our commitment to reach our weight loss goals.

We know that there are no substitutes to a good workout and taking care of calorie intake (nutrition is equally important too). We end up looking for alternatives that further help us in weight loss.

There are many companies across the world that have established a strong brand value in the market by developing powders, pills, etc. helping users in weight reduction, toning, removing subcutaneous fat, subcutaneous water, energizing for the entire day etc.

Hence we thought it is a good idea to share with you the cut-throat analysis of one such product available in the market. This comprehensive research will cover all aspects, pros and cons of the product so as to help you in exploring this one option in particular. Read on, share the information with your peers and take your pick if the product seems worthy of a try.

What exactly is the Performix SST Supplement?


Corr-Jensen Inc. was established in the year 2008, in Denver by Matt Hesse. He is a fitness freak, who used to wrestle during his high school days.

He served the US Army and after that he set up this company, which today specializes across product categories. The main products categories that they excel in are nutrition bars, health supplements, healthy lifestyle snacks, sports nutrition and diet.

His concern for health and fitness has led to the assurance with which it provides A-rated products to users across countries. Corr-Jensen Inc. is an umbrella brand which establishes products with different brand names and sells them in the market. The number of employees in the company is not huge, but they sell by quality and not quantity.

Corr-Jensen Inc. came up with the Performix SST Supplement to enable fat loss by way of burning. We were spell bound when we first had a look at the beautiful packing and the blue sapphire colored pills that come inside it.

A strong appeal that accompanies the pack, is enhanced by the combination of the black and blue theme. It has been well designed to make sure that the customers get the idea of strong science backing up the product development.

Other than supporting weight loss through burning fat, the product also enables improved stamina, energy and performance levels. Take a look at the rest of the article to know how this unique product works, what ingredients it includes and the potential side effects one is exposed to when using the product.

How Does Performix SST Works?

Performix SST has been developed with a two pronged approach that leads to fat burning as well as avoiding accumulation of fresh fat cells in the body.

The use of stimulants has been good too, as they help the body in coping up with calorie reduction on a daily basis. Performix SST acts on the body in such a way so that the appetite is reduced for as long as you continue to take the pills.

A unique feature of Performix SST is that it is made using a proprietary assortment of nature-based components.

They reportedly use a superior technology for manufacturing the product, which highlights their strong commitment to product quality, safety and benefits. In the age if Information Technology, many people prefer to use products that come with natural ingredients rather than the ones which are majorly chemical based.

It does not contain any steroids, making it a safe option to avoid the harmful side effects such as increased growth of body hair. When the pills make the fat cells melt like wax, a lot of energy is released in the body, leading to better stamina and coping up with the effects of lesser food intake.

Just a while ago we mentioned the use of technology that is superior in manufacturing the pills. The company makes use of the TERRA Intelligent Dosing Technology which has been specifically described by them as “advanced multi-phase extended release”.

Performix takes pride in the use of ‘disruptive technologies’ which make the pills better than the rest in the market, taking care of the limitations and strengths of human body with respect to weight loss.

They say that it is this technology in particular that makes the pills work the way they are intended to. The multi-phase release means that when a pill is consumed, it is broken down for digestion in different stages over a relatively longer duration of time.

There are four such stages that are intended to release the ingredients in a timely manner within the human body:

#1. Performix TERRA Pod Multi-Coating Matrix (0-2 hours): The outermost layer of the capsule is the enteric coating. The pill must be swallowed with this coating of course as this protects the ingredients inside.

The purpose of the covering is also to make sure that the pill starts to breakdown in the stomach and not any sooner. This happens within two hours of consuming the pill. The TERRA coating is the latest addition to the micro-layering technology.

#2. Dispersion Coating (2-4 hours): The second layer further delays the dissolution of the capsule. Though Performix does not reveal the details of how this layer is made, the commonly used ingredients for the same are fatty acids, waxes, shellac, plastics and plant fibers.

#3. Hydrophilic Coating (4-6 hours): The third layer allows for even more delayed release properties. This layer is not commonly used in pills across the world and hence Performix swears by the benefit of the layering.

#4. TERRA Target Ingredients (6-8 hours): This final layer which is like the core of the pill contains the active constituents of the supplement. Performix also does not detail out the composition of the core in an exact manner. We understand that they like to keep some secrecy around this commercial formula so as to maintain their hold on the market.

To specifically point out, Performix SST targets fat loss through following:

Fat Metabolism: Increases the rate of metabolism, implying that more energy is released and more fat is burned.

Enhanced Mental Focus: The pills act in a way so as to improve the ability to concentrate on regular daily chores.

Ballistic Body Energy: The bright blue pills contain ingredients which promote higher rate of thermogenesis.

It is also important to understand that all the points mentioned above work in an inter related manner to create a synergy for promoting weight loss.

We remember having studies the concept of surface area at school. Performix SST uses an io Protein technology for this. The structure of a molecule of protein is reformed in such a way that its surface area maximizes, hence making each protein molecule absorbed by the body in the most optimum manner.

Performix SST Ingredients and Nutritional Composition

Performix claims that they use the best in class and most effective ingredients for letting the fat be lost. Understand the various ingredients below for determining their worth:

#1. Bitter Orange

This is a citrus fruit from a tree that originated from the Southeast Asia. There has been some research which supports the argument that it leads to weight loss. But we are not sure about the credibility of these researches. It has also been used for treating some common ailments.

Anyhow, this is probably the first time it has been used for fat burning on such huge commercial level. Hence a lot more study and research is required here.

#2. Piper Nigrum

Commonly known as black pepper, it facilitates the absorption of other ingredients used in Performix SST. Other than this we seriously doubt that there is any other benefit of the little black balls.

#3. Caffeine Anhydrous (200 mg)

Though there are no strong reasons to support the choice of caffeine anhydrous over caffeine, it has been used in SST, simply meaning that the caffeine does not contain any water. It is a commonly known reasoning that caffeine helps in improving concentration and short term memory, also making a person less sleepy.

This is a common ingredient in not only SST, but in majority of fat burning products. Caffeine does lead to fat burning but most of its benefits are available in the short run only.

#4. Huperzine A

Huperzine A has been used to treat some medical conditions. It is a substance derived from Chinese club moss, which is a plant. This is another ingredient on the list which does not have sufficient research backing. But the good news is that it is well known to be used in treating mental health conditions and improving mental focus.

#5. Mucuna Pruriens Extract

Also known as Velevt Bean, this is a pulse, whose only proven benefit is providing L-DOPA and improving the mood on oral consumption. Its inclusion in the pills can make you happy, but we seriously doubt the kind of effect they can have on burning fat.

#6. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng) is an ancient herb which is used very commonly in Ayurveda, a system of disease treatment, which originated from India.

Though allopathic science and medical research does not use this commonly, it has been used since centuries in India, Africa and the Middle East to successfully treat diseases.

According to people who practice Ayurveda, it helps in reducing blood sugar, cortisol, stress, anxiety, depression, etc. It is possible that relying on this information the ingredient has been included in Performix SST.

#7. Synephrine HCL

This is a salt which is derived from Bitter Orange. This is absorbed more easily by the human body. We believe that this ingredient might be intended to lend a stronger effect than the Bitter Orange in general.

#8. Yohimbine HCL

This is an active ingredient in Performix SST, which is derived from the bark of a tree found in Africa, Yohimbe. In comparison to some other ingredients listed above, this is a lot more proven and established one for being used here.

It helps in improving blood flow and the worthiness has been proven by research and medical research both. It is highly exciting in nature. Performix does not specify the amount added to the dosage.

The pills also contain some fat (what?) in minor amounts, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B12.

Other Ingredients:

  • Gelatin
  • Sucrose
  • Starch
  • Silica
  • Povidone
  • FD&C Blue #1
  • Soy

One thing clear form this list is that all of the ingredients used here are natural for sure, but the drawback of the same is the major lack of research to back up the potential benefits.

Side Effects and Concerns in Using Performix SST

Despite the use of patents, a unique formula and outstanding disruptive technology there are a lot of side effects that Performix SST leads to. First time users need to understand these and be aware once they start with the pills.

Consumption must be stopped if any mild symptoms keep becoming more severe with time. It has been reported that in many cases users had to consult doctors for medical advice due to side effects and also had to take medicines to ease the side effects.

There can be mild side effects like high pulse rate which might become severe over time and cause high blood pressure, stroke or even a heart attack.

Also some more side effects are nausea and anxiety, which may also become alarming like extreme anxiety, tremors, dizziness and vomiting.

Some users have reported irritability, mild to severe headaches, excessive sweating and skin flushing. The use of ingredients that increase blood flow can easily lead to the skin becoming red often and easily.

A user faced the problem of disturbed digestion but still continued to take the pills. Normalcy resumed only after he reduced the dosage to one pill a day and took another medicine for treating the upset stomach.

Please note that too much consumption of caffeine may lead to symptoms such as a lot of sweating, nausea, changed or disturbed digestion, anxiety, more than normal sweating, vomiting and sleeplessness.

Is It Really Effective?

The internet has tons of reviews from the users, implying that Performix has been able to get across their intended message to the potential consumers.

But the reviews are a mixed lot, where we find that a lot of people are happy with the product, many say that they will keep using it or they will use it again, etc. Many have been happy and confident enough to recommend the product to others too.

To the contrary, there are others who say that it did help them in weight loss up to a particular level and beyond that there was no more weight loss. It is for Performix to take these feedbacks seriously and help the users understand why did this happen.

If there were any mistakes on part of users, how could they get better results by avoiding them? Or else, if there is any limitation on part of the product, then the product might better be modified to improve results.

Though Performix boasts about the technology used being highly sophisticated and superior, it is not a reinvention in the field of weight loss. The concept of time based release of ingredients for absorption has been known to the market leaders in the fat loss industry.

Though the technology is an advanced one, but it will be good for customers not to rely solely on this factor while buying Performix SST. Experts also say that this feature makes the product more expensive than what it could have been if the time based release feature was not added to the core functionality of SST.

Performix SST is a proprietary formula, which means it is manufactured using patented ingredients. We can rely on these ingredients for being genuine and clinically tested, as a patent cannot be attained without these concerns being taken care of.

The challenge emerges with the fact that such a proprietary formula is first of its kind and hence there are no previous models for establishing its usefulness. Only the actual users can share their experiences for us to understand the product as well as possible.

The data available till date shows that the formula is not as powerful as it claims to be.

The TERRA Intelligent Dosing also stresses on the Multiple Release Point Delivery. It implies that the benefit from the ingredients will be available at many points along the human digestion system.

This is exactly what the multiple layering aims to provide. Additionally, the technology works in such a manner that you get maximum benefit from the individual ingredients.

We do not consider caffeine to be an exclusive ingredient in the pills. This is because Performix targets weight loss by use of caffeine, but caffeine is readily present in other day to day beverages. We are not impressed by any leading company using such an ingredient and thus assuring weight loss.

How to Take Performix SST?

It is always advisable to follow the instructions that are issued by a company while consuming the product.

This is all the more important in case of medicated products. Performix has also mentioned the instructions in a clear manner for users. Start with one capsule every day and continue taking it for at least some days.

If the pills seem to be working positively, there are no side effects, etc., then the dosage can be increased to two pills per day. The pill(s) have to be taken in the morning, before eating anything.

Also make sure that the pills are not consumed within six hours before you go to bed. This is advised so as to make sure that energy levels remain lower during night, enabling better sleep.

Do not increase the doze from more than two capsules in a day. This is because of the fact that the two capsules you would take will breakdown over a span of hours inside the digestive system. So practically, the ingredients are working inside the body for hours at length. Take a gap of at least a few weeks after consuming for eight weeks continuously.

Performix SST is also available in the form of powder. You can get the pills or powder online on Amazon at a good discount. The packs are available in a thirty-day supply only.

The product comes with a clear warning on the pack that it should not be used by pregnant women, those planning to get pregnant, nursing, people below eighteen years of age, or those suffering from any adverse health condition. It should not be used with any other medicines, alcohol or any other caffeine based product.

In case of slightest doubt to determine suitability for consumption please contact a medical care professional for complete clarity.

Final Performix SST Review

Before we can recommend Performix SST to anxious weight watchers in general, a lot more research is needed.

This research is required both in terms of actual benefit from the ingredients’ unique combination and the technology used to make the pill work. The best products from the company are those which target professionals.

SST is one product which despite being good is not the best work of Performix. We are also looking forward to feedbacks from as many actual users as we can.

The list of probable side effects is a bit long to ignore, though we do have a lot of customers who had a positive experience with the product.

Performix SST seems to be a lot more expensive than the other products in the same product category. You might want to look out for some more options in the market while deciding to go for a weight loss / fat burning product. The company also does not offer any money back or refund scheme in case of zero results or adverse effects.

We hope that our detailed piece of analysis has helped you understand the product a lot better. If you intend to buy the product, you can look out for discounts online. We are pretty sure you can get some good deals.

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