Physique Series Fat Burner Reviews: Is it Legit or Scam?


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  • Missing some key ingredients
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transparent labs physique series fat burner pill bottle

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The Physique Series Fat Burner features as one of the best rated fat burners on the market, thanks to its unique profile.

As an exclusive fat burner, the Physique Series Fat Burner is known to stimulate rapid fat burning, boost energy levels, preserve and help building lean muscles, enhance body’s metabolic rate, supress unwanted appetite and improve overall performance during lightweight or heavy exercise.

It might interest you to know that the most effective fat burner formulas are defined by the thermogenics principle. Thermogenisis is a process in which the body’s fat is broken down for energy production.

Thermogenic compounds are those that boost the metabolic system in your body, thereby increasing the rate at which your body burns and sheds fats and calories even when at rest.

The Physique Series Fat Burner is a supplement comprising two significant thermogenic compounds along with several other essential substances that can assist you in achieving a fat free physique.

Sometimes exercise alone may not give you the best results desired in attaining a fitter and slimmer body and this is where the Physique Series Fat Burner comes into play.

By increasing thermogenesis, this supplement aids your body to burn fat faster and display results better than what merely dieting and exercising can get you.

The Physique Series Fat Burner is ideal for:

  • Increasing basal metabolic rate
  • Fat loss
  • Increasing clean physical energy
  • Reducing hunger pangs

Is Physique Series Fat Burner a Scam?

Well, not to deny the internet platform has been abused by many products that neither live up to their promise nor are completely safe for use.

However, the Physique series by Transparent Labs can be trusted as a reliable company as they sell a host of health related products. Their range of products also includes some best rated muscle bulking formulas.

The company has a number of verified buyers who claim that this supplement works wonders.

Moreover, the manufacturer follows legit billing practices as per the industry norms that allow customers aspiring to lose weight shop safely and securely.

How Physique Series Work?

The supplement formula can be referred to as a fat burning routine that can effectively reduce and even eliminate stubborn deposits of fat from your body.

The product claims to work well for shedding excess flab piled around the abdominal area.

Moreover, besides fulfilling the basic requirement of burning fat, this supplement also helps the body to restore and build lean muscle mass.

The formulation enables the body to suppress unnecessary appetite and hunger cravings by curbing the requirement of excessive food intake.

Simultaneously, it facilitates the process of burning fat reserves in your body.

The mechanism with which the Physique Series Fat Burner works:

#1. Improving energy expenditure

This supplement ensures that you utilize more energy than you consume by constantly burning calories and preventing you from eating excess calories than your body requires.

It’s essential to have a metabolism that vigorously burns the fuel and enables your body to be continuously working in some way or the other. During this time, the fat reserves are used as energy and eliminated to some extent.

Thus, controlling the energy to be expended is the key to losing fat. Strict diets can introduce a great deal of mental stress in the effort to cut extra body flab and L-Tyrosine, a potent ingredient containing amino acid is used in this supplement to combat mental fatigue and lower stress levels.

#2. Suppressing hunger cravings

A functional fat burner needs to contain components that work as appetite suppressants. This is indispensible because while boosting the metabolism, it is essential to enable the process of fat burning and restrict the process of fat accumulation.

This supplement can prevent adding on extra fat while your current fat reserves are being used by the body, thus ensuring that you are removing fat without replacing it.

#3. Exercise regimen

Now, you must face the fact that no pill can eliminate fat without you being physically active. Fat burners work well only with sufficient exercise and the Physique Series Fat Burner too works on that principle.

Physique Series Ingredients

Any fat burning formula requires well researched ingredients to actively perform and the Physique Series Fat Burner works efficiently because of the ingredients found in it.

The lab that manufactures this product is well reputed for their transparency allowing you to see what you Physique Series Fat Burner is composed of and how good or bad it is.

#1. Forslean (Forskolin)

This substance stimulates the release of fatty acids from tissue, especially the stubborn fat deposited around the abdominal region.

It’s not unknown that getting rid of fat accumulated around the belly is quite challenging and this secret ingredient can assist in burning down this kind of fat quite efficiently.

While Forslean is known to eliminate stubborn fat, it can also increase muscle mass which means that you will be substituting the fat with lean muscle. The formula consists of 500mg Forlean.

#2.Green tea extract

Green tea extract has been researched as a component that can elevate the fat breakdown process. This means that more fat can be used up for energy and less stored as fat.

It enables fat loss by initiating the production of norepinephrine which is known as the fat burning hormone. The quantity of green tea included in this recipe corresponds to 400mg.

#3. 5 HTP

This substance is used as an appetite suppressant and is clinically proven to destroy unwanted appetite and reduce fat consumption.

Studies reveal that people taking 5 HTP lost weight by the end of the research, were eating less food and not feeling frequently hungry. The 300mg of 5-HTP in this supplement can provide relief from stress as well.

#4. L Tyrosine

L- Tyrosine is a component that has been identified to reduce stress. Keeping in mind that the process of dieting and losing weight could get stressful, this ingredient has been added to the formula with the purpose of lowering stress. 300mg of L-Tyrosine is infused with the other elements in this fat burner preparation.

#5. Caffeine Anhydrous and L-Theanine

Both these ingredients can be beneficial in reducing fat as they work in combination to make an extremely effective energy raising element that can efficiently reduce the fat reserves in your body.

Interestingly, these ingredients work synergistically to ensure burning down of stubborn abdominal fat quicker than expected. Since, L-Theanine has been scientifically proven to work against weight gain; it can thus reduce body fat and decrease the appetite to ingest fatty food.

The formulation comprises around 240mg of L-Theanine. Caffeine on the other hand is recognized to work around energy levels along with its thermogenic effect.

Clinical research indicates that caffeine can increase the calorie burning process along with its commonly known energy elevating ability. The Physique Series Fat Burner consists of 240mg caffeine.

#6. Cayenne Pepper

A notable thermogenic component, this is highly effective in burning excess body fat and 100mg of this ingredient is added to this supplement.

Due to its heating properties that attribute the ‘hot’ component to this ingredient, cayenne can effectively heat up your body’ temperature.

As a natural reaction, your body stats a cooling process and this helps your body to burn and shed extra calories than usual.

#7. Salicin bark extract

Salicin is culled out from the bark of the white willow. This compound turns into salicylic acid in the body and can increase the effects of another compound synephrine.

This is an herbal ingredient that can relieve migraines and this fat burner is composed of 120mg of the Salicin bark extract. The ingredient has been used to cut down on the potential side effects of the high caffeine levels used in this recipe.

#8. Synephrine HCI

This ingredient is identified as speeding up the process of fat burning and is commonly known as bitter orange extract. About 50mg of Synephrine HCI is found in this fat burner concoction.

When consumed in proper dosage this ingredient can prove to be extremely beneficial for those trying hard to lose flab.

Its effectiveness can be attributed to its potential of increasing the body’s metabolic rate even when it is in a state of rest, facilitating you to burn down fat throughout the day and turn it into useful energy.

Benefits of the Physique Series Fat Burner

As mentioned already, the fat burner supplement comes with some excellent advantages such as:

  • It encourages rapid burning of fat in your body.
  • Enhances the rate of metabolism.
  • Preserves as well as assists in building lean muscle.
  • Works as an appetite suppressant.
  • Can improve performance during any form of exercise by pumping in ample energy.
  • Boosts overall energy levels.
  • The ingredients used in the product are unique making the formula distinct.
  • The nutrients used in the preparation of this fat burner is clinically proven.
  • Some specific ingredients such as 5-HTP and L- Tyrosine work as anti-stress and ‘calming’ components and can help in dealing with dieting associated stress.

However, with great benefits some cons are bound to tag along and these include:

  • The Physique Series Fat Burner is quite expensive as compared to other fat burner mixtures available in the market.
  • The product is said to consist of a high-amount of caffeine and is feared for its possible associated symptoms and risks.
  • The product cannot be claimed as completely free of side effects as some ingredients like caffeine can cause side effects among many users.

Physique Series Side Effects

The supplement explicates every ingredient and so you may need to know that the caffeine and the syneprhine used in the Physique Series Fat Burner can cause some serious side effects. Let’s examine the impact of these ingredients:

  • Caffiene comes with associated risks and these include nervousness, restlessness, insomnia, irritability, elevated heart rate, muscle tremors and stomach cramps.
  • Synerphrine used in this supplement when combined with caffeine and green tea can reportedly cause the following side effects such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, increased blood pressure and lightheadedness.Several health experts believe that this product would have been safer to use if it could cut down on its caffeine content with elimination of synephrine.

This supplement does not contain any potentially harmful chemicals, but the natural substances that the mixture contains have a strong effect on your body’s metabolic system.

The supplement however is not suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers. Moreover, if you have a medical history or an underlying ailment related to cardiac diseases or high blood pressure, it is always advisable to take professional medical opinion before using the supplement.

How to take Physique Series?

The Physique Series Fat Burner supplement is available in the form of capsules. The company’s recommended dosage is 2 capsules twice a day between meals.

The first dose is preferably to be consumed as the first thing in the morning and can be swallowed with the help of water or juice.

This means that you can stick to the recommended dose which suggests a total intake of four capsules per day. One bottle can be used precisely for a month when following the recommended dosage.

The label on the packaged supplement indicates that you should consume two capsules with plenty of liquid twice daily and this can be evenly spread 30-60 minutes before meals.

You can start with the minimum dosage and depending on your body’s tolerance and response to the supplement you can gradually increase the dosage as suggested. Moreover, you must be careful to read the warning as it says that mot more than 4 capsules should be consumed within the span of 24 hours.

For a total quantity of 120 capsules, the supplement is certainly of great value which means that throughout the day you will be consuming around 200mg of green tea and 240mg of caffeine.

The dosage of green tea is also slightly higher owing to the presence of amino acids. If you already consume caffeine from other sources, 120mg loaded in one capsule may not really make much of a difference to you, however with the recommended dosage of 4 capsules the quantity shoots up to 240mg making it considerably high.

Once your body adjusts to the supplement, you may not find it interfering with your regular body’s functioning.

However, no supplements should be consumed for very long as it could pose serious effects on your body’s natural way of functioning. Most importantly, this formula does not restrict consumption of any other supplement like many other compounds available in powder form.

However, it is best to take expert advice before taking any form of supplements simultaneously so as to avoid developing any health risks.

Physique Series Reviews

Physique Series Fat Burner is an ultimate solution for removing excess body fat and subsequent weight loss. It guarantees elimination of stubborn fat in an effective manner.

The high-quality supplement blends lab tested ingredients, but its best to use it under the advice of a nutritionist as it contains some powerful substances that can cause adverse impact on your body if misused.

Transparency labs seems to have kept their promise by using natural ingredients and avoiding fillers and the carefully blended components exhibit that a good amount of research and consideration has been put into formulating this supplement.

The company’s expertise in understanding customer’s need is displayed through the care taken in creating the uniquely blended supplement which seeks to balance thermogenic fat burning along with energy restoration, appetite reduction and stress busting.

Overall, this product formula is quite a powerful one and can guarantee fat reduction. With clinically proven ingredients, it can be considered as effective and safe for your body.

The Physique Series Fat Burner contributes to eliminating excess belly fat thereby promoting a physically fit and healthy body. Moreover, the stress relieving hormones additionally helps in controlling stress levels associated with losing weight and dieting.

However, having said that you must use this mixture with caution as it contains a considerable amount of caffeine that can cause some apparent symptoms, especially if you are allergic to caffeine.

It’s best to avoid ingesting extra caffeine from other sources while taking this supplement as it could be detrimental to your body’s functioning.

The anti-stress ingredients though could help combat stress they could simultaneously result in side effects when consumed in combination with the caffeine as available in this formula.

This may not be the best buying option available in the market as several other fat burners are introduced and sold every day. Moreover, the Physique Series Fat Burner misses on quite a few effective fat burner ingredients.

However, for the price and the decent ingredients it’s a clean supplement that’s worth a try.

While some users have reviewed this fat burner as an excellent working one and recommended its use to fellow customers, the Physique Series review is not absolutely devoid of negative remarks.

Physique Series Fat Burner Review

At the end of the day it should be remembered that no single supplement can act on your body as a magic potion and that there are no shortcuts even though such products may seem overwhelming.

For desired weight loss results and a fit body, you will have to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet and undertake focussed exercise regimen along with taking the Physique Series Fat Burner.

How much it Costs?

If you are planning to buy this supplement fat burner, you can grab your supply for the lowest price on the manufacturer’s official website.

It’s quite a simple process as you will just have to click the link and look up for the Physique series and place an order to purchase. The following are the offers that you can take away from:

  • The 3 month supply is available for $119.
  • The 2 month supply can be procured for $89.
  • You can order the 1 month supply at $49.

The single bottle priced at $49 contains 120 capsules. Taking a daily dose of 4 capsules makes this product value for money with it being packed with all natural ingredients.

Moreover, as indicated by the ingredient profile all the compounds have been carefully chosen and researched to deliver optimum benefits.

For its price, the Physique Series Fat Burner is an excellent supplement that offers a well balanced approach towards helping you combat unwanted and stubborn fat.

Most fat burners are recommended to be used for at least 3 months for optimum results and this one is no different. Though the progress can be witnessed after its use for the first month, for noticeable weight loss you will have to use it for a minimum period of 3 months.

Product Lab: The product is manufactured by Transparent Labs and claims to do the following:

  • Speedup fat burning
  • Prevent constant hunger cravings
  • Offer a stress free weight loss lifestyle that can be enjoyed by the customers.

In fact Transparent Labs though is relatively a newbie in the supplement industry, they boast of their transparency stating every ingredient and its exact quantity used in their fat burner product.

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