Yoli Better Body System Review


  • Flexible meal plans
  • Presents a wide range of products
  • 30 day money back guarantee


  • Some ingredients in the programs have been known to cause side effects
  • Results vary greatly
  • Can react with certain medications
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In this fast paced world, it can be hard to give some attention to our health.

Not eating healthy and insufficient physical activity are major risk factors for gaining a great deal of weight. In the long run, you are bound to feel sluggish, tired and lack the energy to do your daily activities.

In this critical situation, it is can be helpful if you consider using weight loss supplements that a give you a boost of energy.

The Yoli Better Body System has gained some recognition in today’s weight loss market.

The Yoli Better Body System is a health transformation kit that provides an abundance of benefits and their website will present you with realistic results.

What You Need To Know About Yoli Better Body System

The Yoli Better Body System is a flexible weight loss guide that targets extra body fat and helps to maintain the internal environment of the body. It is designed in a way that incorporates both the Yoli products and a customized meal plan so the user does not particularly have a restricted diet.

There are a variety of products ranging from shakes to capsules which makes it fairly easy for an individual to include them in a daily diet.

What Are The Side Effects Of Yoli Better Body System?

Since the Yoli products contains naturally derived ingredients, it is less likely that to cause any side effects. But if anyone starts to experience an onset of an allergic reaction, the individual should stop using the products right away.

How Much Does Yoli Better System Cost?

The 30 day Yoli transformation kit price ranges between $329-$340.

This price range has been considered to be over-prized.

Final Decision On Yoli Better Body System

Many users have mixed views on the effectiveness of the products as many first time user saw no change while using the products.

Users have raised questions regarding the science behind the ingredients and whether the products can lead to potential side effects.

Despite the fact that the products have not been assessed by the FDA, the cost has received a lot of destructive criticism.

Yoli Better Body System Review

Better Body System by Yoli is a health rejuvenating diet program that provides the users to choose among individual products and product kits.

Better Body System is focused on providing a set of nutritional supplements and a meal plan that can fit an individual’s need.

The transformation kit aims to improve health by losing weight naturally and also to help people enjoy the best of their lives. The products in the kit contain natural ingredients with no added colors, preservatives and sweeteners.

The Yoli Better Body System consists of different products that include:

  • ALKALETE Capsules (2 bottles)
  • YES – Yoli’s essential protein shake, available in chocolate or vanilla and can be purchased in bulk canisters or single-serve packets.
  • PASSION – available in berry, grape and tropical melon flavors and can be purchased in bulk canisters or single-serve packets. Thermo Burn capsules can be used as an alternative, caffeine free options (Truth or Fun) are also available.
  • PURE – Capsules (1 bottle)

How to Take Yoli Better Body System

The 30 day transformation kit comes with a brochure and a meal card that act as a guide through your weight loss journey.

  • Before breakfast, 1 serving Passion/Thermo Burn as well as 2 Alkalete capsules are to be taken.
  • During breakfast, 1 serving of Yes protein shake is to consumed.
  • Your lunch should consist of a lean protein source followed by 1 serving of Passion/thermo burn.
  • At dinner, 1 serving of Yes and then before bed, 2 Pure capsules and 2 Alkalete capsules are to be taken.

The amount of protein to be consumed is dependent on the person’s weight. For every 25 pounds, one extra serving of protein is to be added.

As weight loss is followed by loss in muscle mass, it is recommended to consume adequate amounts of protein for favorable results.

Yoli Better Body System Concerns

The Yoli Better Body System products have not been assessed by the FDA which means that these products cannot be used to treat or diagnose medical conditions. Since there is no scientific research based behind the products, the transformation kit may be tried at a person’s own risk. Yoli products are not intended for use by pregnant women or individuals that are on medications as there is a risk for the products to react with certain medications.

Yoli Better Body System Claims

The Yoli Better Body System features claims that it is a health rejuvenating program that aims to make a person lose weight naturally along with improvements in energy levels.

Users who have tried this 30 day transformation kit saw results within a week. As the transformation kit allows users to follow a customized meal plan while using the products, therefore following this 30 day program becomes less restrictive.

Other additional claims of the Yoli Better Body System include:

  • Transforming lives physically and emotionally
  • Only natural ingredients are used
  • Weight loss effects last for a longer period

Does Yoli Better Body System Work?

As there is an abundance of supplements being manufactured by different health and wellness companies, a simple search on the internet can present you with several testimonials regarding a supplement brand.

In the case for the Yoli products, looking at the different nutrients can provide a good image of the product to an individual. A significant amount of time has been spent to come up with a unique formula that will provide the fittest results.

The yoli products not only help in weight loss but also maintain a stable internal environment for the body.

Yoli Better Body System Ingredients

Since the Yoli products include a wide range of products such as shakes and capsules, each product has a different formula from the others. Here’s a closer look at the ingredients included in each item.

Yoli YES Shake

Yoli YES shake includes essential amino acids that promote muscle development and maintain healthy weight loss.

Ingredients: LeanImmune Blend 500mg that contains carrot, pomegranate, olive leaf, cissus, grape seed extract, acai, irvinga, alfalfa, spinach, maqui, broccoli, moringa and bacillus coagulans


Yoli ALKALETE functions to balance the acidic environment of the body and improving the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Yoli ALKALETE Ingredients:

  • Calcium carbonate
  • Potassium hydroxide
  • Magnesium hydroxide
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Silicon dioxide.


Yoli PURE provides both probiotics and fiber, which maintains a healthy digestive system and providing moderate levels of satiety so that the user is less likely to binge eat.

Yoli PURE Ingredients:

  • Alkasure Blend 1010 mg that contains prebiotic tapioca,
  • citric acid
  • Fiber
  • Amylase
  • Lactase
  • Protease
  • Milk thistle
  • Dried plum
  • Cranberry

Yoli PASSION is a drink that promotes metabolic activity and increases energy levels.

Ingredients: Thermo-G blend 615 mg that contains choline bitartrate, cissus quadrangularis (leaf), green tea leaf extract, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), pomegranate fruit, irvingia gabonensis (seed) and acai fruit extract

Yoli Better Body System Customer Reviews

The reviews for the Yoli products are divided mainly into two parts. The first part of the reviews deal with the effectiveness of the 30 day program. Majority of the first time users saw instant results within 2-2.5 weeks of use. They saw improvements in their energy levels and lost a significant amount of weight.

The second part of the reviews deal with a mix of neutral and negative reviews. The most negativity was seen regarding the price of the kit and the side effects some users experienced. A small fraction of reviews were about users complaining about some products that were missing from the kit and that after a certain setpoint, the products showed no change in weight loss.

Yoli Better Body System Guarantees

The Yoli Better Body System transformation kit comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Where To Buy Yoli Better Body System?

The Yoli Better Body System can be bought on Yoli’s official website. You can also order the transformation kit at Amazon.

Yoli Body System Alternatives

Let’s assume that you have already tried the 30 day transformation kit and are not satisfied with the results. Then you should know that there are several other alternatives used for Yoli Better Body System. Here are some alternatives:

  • Phentaslim
  • Vintage Burn Fat Burner
  • BioTrust Nutrition

Yoli Better Body System Review In Summary

As this transformation kit has proven to show quick results for most users, it is also important to take note that a significant amount of users have experienced unfavorable results. As there is no solid research behind most of the products, with the addition of a high price, the Yoli Better Body System is not recommended for weight loss and health restoration purposes.

If you’d like to shed some pounds, it is suggested to buy a supplement delivering cost effectiveness and research-based ingredients. Among the top rated products of this year is one called Phentaslim. Its formula contains clinically proven ingredients that have been shown to cut down fat, increase metabolic rates, suppress appetite and boost energy levels. Additional benefits include free shipping and a 60 day money back guarantee.

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