Zantrex 3 Reviews: Does The Blue Bottle Work?


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  • Too intense for some
  • Side effects are common
Zantrex 3 Reviews

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But it is not uncommon to realize that the more we want good looks, the farther they slip out of the hand. Thus starts the search for something in addition to the draining work outs, controlled diets and scanty calorie intake.

The individual factors such as heredity, thyroid function, etc. make the weight loss experience vary from one person to another.

For those who are always one step behind their target, we have come up with a detailed analysis of a product that claims to lead to weight loss faster and better than any other product in the category.

Zantrex has been delivering weight loss and energy boosting supplements for more than two decades now and one of their product ” Zantrex 3 ” seems to be doing well in the market.

They sell only clinically formulated products and Zoller Laboratories does all the research work for them.

Looking for some more icing on the cake? They offer 100% money back within 30 days of purchase if the customer is not satisfied.

The product has also been endorsed by a well-known celebrity, but we do not know if it was a genuine or a paid promotion. This is a USA based company which manufactures their products in the USA.

Read our thorough piece of work based on zantrex 3 reviews and satisfy the thinking horses of your mind before you make a decision on it.

What is Zantrex 3?

These Turquoise blue colored pills come in a similar color packing, which at the outset appear to be regular capsules, with some ordinary function. Then going through the details of the product makes on think if that really is the case or not.

Zoller Labs have created this proprietary formula that claims to start weight loss instantly. It works on the body in a very active manner, facilitating fat loss without even working out.

If you check out their website, they report that the users have been able to achieve weight loss goals in terms of proportionate changes. Reportedly users have been able to reach 546% weight loss, which is more than the current best-selling product in the market.

The product was launched more than 20 years ago and it is manufactured using natural ingredients.

Zantrex 3 enables weight loss without the use of Ephedra, one of the commonly used controversial ingredients in weight loss pills. The blue bottle comes labelled as a dietary supplement solution for:

  • Rapid weight loss
  • Extreme energy
  • No ephedrine

It also clearly mentions that it is a patented product of the Zoller Laboratories, meaning that no matter what, it is a unique formula. This also makes it particularly important to find out if the unique formula works well or not.

It is selling like hot cakes as it is free from ephedrine, any of its derivatives or ma huang. This has been made possible due to technological advancements, both in research and manufacturing.

If you look for reviews online, Zantrex 3 has also been mentioned as the most powerful and hence the most cutting-edge product available to deal with weight issues. It is suitable for people irrespective of their age group, gender or level of physical activity.

How Does Zantrex 3 Work?

The product has been clinically developed in such a way that the potential benefit from the unique mix if ingredients is maximized. We know fat loss alone is not sufficient and there are other benefits too that are required from a fat burning pill.

Following are the benefits from the pills, some of which might be more pronounced than the others:

  • Thermogenic Effect – The consumption of these pills leads to an increase in the body temperature. This happens due to an increased rate of metabolism, faster breaking down of food, and faster burning of calories and fat stored in the body.
  • Increased Metabolism – Some of the ingredients have a direct effect on the internal system that breaks down food faster. It is interesting to note that the company swears by the increase in metabolism even while a user is inactive. We cannot confirm this though.
  • Very High Levels of Energy – The stimulation caused by the pills is such that a lot of energy is released in the body. This also happens due to the higher rate of metabolism. If food breaks down faster, it naturally releases a lot of energy.
  • Physical Activity – When excess energy is released in the body, it is utilized for working out more than usual. If the work out time is not increased, then a user might feel uneasy and hyperactive because the energy available is not vented out.
  • Better Muscle Strength – Muscles mass increases as a result of the intake of the blue pills. Strength increases as more rigorous exercises can be performed.
  • Lower Fat Accumulation – The active ingredients target the fat to burn it at a faster rate, which includes fresh consumption as well as fat stores in the body. The thermogenic effect stops fat from accumulating in the body.
  • Suppressed Hunger – When you continue reading this article and go through the ingredients, you will find out that there are many ingredients used in Zantrex 3 to give the users a feeling of being full. With just some emotional control, binge eating can absolutely be controlled.
  • Diuretic Effect – It is easier with the pills to get rid of the excess water stored in the body. It also implies more visits to the restroom, but for fat and weight loss, we are all in for it.

It is clear from the multiple points of action of the product, that it targets all areas related to fat loss. How so many wonderful benefits might be delivered requires an understanding of the ingredients.

Zantrex 3 Ingredients and Nutritional Composition

Zantrex 3 contains a lot of ingredients, each put in for some or the other specific purpose for supporting weight loss. Three ingredients, Yerba Mate, Guarana and Damiana are the key ones in the product.

Let us take you through these and understand if these are all commonly used or are there any unique key ones.

#1. Yerba Mate Extract

The Yerba Mate shrubs are found in South American countries and their tea is commonly used by natives. It contains an ingredient similar to caffeine, ” mateine “, which has stimulant like effects.

It might also have diuretic effect, but there is no human research to prove this till now. Another benefit is that if reduces the appetite, keeping you full for a long time. It might also lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

#2. Guarana Seeds

A plant belonging to the Maple family, it is typically found in Brazil. It is a common ingredient in weight loss products. It also contains a lot more caffeine than coffee beans.

Only the seed is used in most weight loss products. It has a strong effect on the body and there is a standalone research to support the benefit from its consumption. It has a strong diuretic effect.

#3. Trimethylxanthine (300 mg)

With a complicated name being used for caffeine, the effects remain just the same. Another common ingredient on the list, it has a lot of roles to perform, including suppressing hunger, burning fat and improving mental focus. It also increases the ability for work out to some extent.

Remember that caffeine has a very good effect for some weeks / months and afterwards the body gets used to it and stops responding to it anymore.

#4. Damiana Extract

Another South American ingredient on the list, this is a well-known herb used for treatment of many ailments. It has a complex structure, with many compounds that are beneficial not just for weight loss, but for other health related factors too.

It is known to have a relaxing effect on the mind and body, hence making it suitable to treat stress. It acts best in combination with Yerba Mate and Guarana. The combo of the trio leads to the much needed thermogenic effect and also kills hunger.

These results are validated by a small clinical research on human beings, including unhealthily obese people. We do not have enough information to generalize the findings for all types of users.

#5. Kola Seeds

These come from the Kola tree, found in Africa first, but now cultivated worldwide. They are used in Zantrex 3 majorly because of the presence of caffeine. It also contains Theobromine which increases oxygen supply throughout the body.

The seeds have multiple benefits such as diet suppression, diuretic effect, boosting mood, and it also contains antioxidants.

#6. Schizonepeta

We tried digging deep for some information on this ingredient, but there are no current proven track records to show any direct or indirect connection to fat loss.

Just for information, consumption of Schizonepeta beyond safe limits can cause damage to the Liver.

#7. Green Tea Extract

It is hard to guess how Zantrex justifies the use of green tea extract in their product, but opposed to the myth that it burns fat, actually it simply promotes weight loss.

People who do not like to drink too much caffeine, or cannot do so because of any reasons, prefer to include green tea in their diet simply enough.

Because the extract specifically has been used here, we can guess it might have some kind of amplified effect on weight loss.

#8. Other Ingredients

Other than the ingredients listed above, there are 24 secondary ingredients. Some of them are:

  • Black Pepper Extract – Also known as Piper Nigrum, it increases the metabolism rate and helps in absorbing other nutrients.
  • Rhodiola Crenulata Extract (root) – According to a research, this one helps in increasing energy levels, better workout and elevating mood.
  • Asian Ginseng Extract (root) – Not the top ingredient on the list, but sure helps in lowering blood sugar, stress, cholesterol, and increasing energy levels.
  • Maca Extract (root)
  • Cacao Extract (seed)
  • Black Tea Extract (leaf)

It seems like the pill is being marketed as an evolution in the weight loss industry. Being ephedrine free has been a plus point of course and it makes the company come across as a holistic provider of supplements, different from many of its competitors.

Both yerba mate and caffeine are stimulants that do give minor side effects to most people, weather in Zantrex 3 or any other product.

Zantrex 3 Ingredients

Every serving of Zantrex 3 contains 30 mg Niacin. The official website of Zantrex does not share any more details about the ingredients and their quantity in the pills. This can a major frustration to people who are searching online for authentic information.

Zantrex must realize that all potential customers will not trust other sources as reliable sources of information. As a result, some customers might not feel sure enough to go for the product.

We also cannot analyze the product to the minutest detail as the quantity if each ingredient is unknown. But considering it is a lab prepared product, they probably have taken care to ensure that no ingredient crosses the ‘safe limit’ for consumption mark.

Zantrex 3 Side Effects and Concerns

Since the number of ingredients in Zantrex 3 is high, and their functionalities vary, it is expected to cause at least some mild side effects on users. It is also possible to cause minor toxicities, intolerance, etc.

Users must be on the guard for themselves while the course is going on. Watch out for any mild side effects that you experience. If the symptoms go from bad to worse, it is always better to discontinue the pills.

Advice must be sought from a doctor before continuing it again. It might also be a good idea to stay in touch with a professional before starting the pill itself. Spend some time reading about the product reviews and be assured before the pill is consumed for the first time itself.

Because the pills are very strong, some minor side effects might appear (if they do) within the very first few hours of consuming the pill.

A lot of side effects on the list are those which are associated with an excessively high dose of caffeine.

Common and Mild Side Effects

Headaches, nausea, dizziness, a flushed face, disturbed sleep, disturbed digestion, irritability, rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating, frequent urination.

Severe Side Effects

Rashes, redness and burning sensation all over the skin, insomnia, high BP, heart complications and problems, jitters and shakiness, feeling hyperactive throughout the day, anxiety, diarrhea.

At least one case has been reported where a woman started having seizures while she was on the pill and they stopped once the pill was stopped.

Is It Really Effective?

While the capsules consist of many ingredients, some of them have typical proven benefits for weight and fat loss. At the other hand, there is quite a lot of controversy around the potential benefit from some ingredients used in Zantrex 3.

There are lots of users who have shared positive feedback about the product, that it helped in fat loss just in the right way, as promised by the company.

Many people who have actually been on the pill have shared their feedback. They found that while the pill was working well during the initial weeks, afterwards the effect became almost non existent.

They stopped losing weight after some weeks and the pill could only act as a means of lending some extrinsic stimulus for reaching weight loss goals.

Also, when people stop taking the pill after reaching the weight loss goal, there is a major possibility of going back to square one in terms of eating habits, appetite and body weight.

A logical analysis of the claims of the company imply that in any case a user shall be able to lose 5-6 pounds in one months. Now, this nominal figure can be reached without Zantrex 3 too.

Also, note the following points and make sure to follow them to get the maximum benefit from Zantrex 3:

  • Exercise routine – Make sure that you continue with your daily workout routine after starting with the pills. No matter what, exercise will have a multiplier effect on the weight loss. You need two hands for a clap. If you are unable to work out on a day or two, do not skip the pills. Take them just as you would with a work out.
  • Calorie intake – Restrict the calorie intake to less than 1000 per day. We are sure that the pills will support you in staying within the limit.
  • Diet composition – An oil free diet will be the best while you are on the pills. Also limit the intake of carb. Maximize the consumption of roughage through fruits and vegetables.
  • Nutritional intake – Your limited diet everyday must be able to complete your daily requirement of Vitamins, Minerals and Proteins.

Zantrex 3 is not a very expensive product, though you can get the benefits of caffeine at a still lower price. The product is available for purchase online with some good deals too.

Though there might be offers on bulk buying, we suggest you buy only one pack first to find out if it suits your needs or not.

Zoller Labs have also come up with a variant of Zantrex 3, which is a red colored bottle. The prime differentiating factor between the blue and red bottles is the target customers.

While the blue bottle can be consumed by anyone, the red bottle is specifically meant for athletes and other professionals.

How to Take Zantrex 3

When it comes to the usage, it is always best to go by the instructions from the company. Any type of experimentation is not advisable. Two capsules should be swallowed with water 15 minutes before meals.

Make sure you stick to this time interval as it will help you feel fuller. If you wish to work out more and get more energy, one or two capsules can be taken in addition to the dose mentioned above. However, do not take more than 6 capsules within 24 hours.

The results from the product will change if any other supplements are taken along with Zantrex 3. It is common practice to take the pills during morning and first half of the day rather than in the evening.

The ingredients stay in the system for a long time and will cause a lot of difficulty falling asleep if taken during afternoon or later.

It must not be consumed by pregnant or nursing women or people below 18 years of age. If you are sensitive to Niacin, please consult your doctor if you notice skin redness, irritation, etc.

The company advices not to use the Zantrex 3 blue and red bottle variants simultaneously. It will be wise for anyone with an existing heart disease or high blood pressure to think deeply and consult a doctor before taking the pills. Any other caffeine based products should not be used when the pills are on.

Final Zantrex 3 Review

Zantrex 3 is a proprietary blend, which means it is a unique composition of ingredients.

In order to bank on its benefits, a lot more research is still required. It is also expected that actual users share their experiences as much as possible, in greater detail.

The take of professionals from the healthcare and weight loss industries are needed so as to determine the most reliable recommendations in favor or against the product.

Despite all odds, a lot of customers have shared a positive feedback about the results from the product.

It is natural to wish to lose weight without putting in enough effort, but trust us on this one, no supplement in the world can make that happen without you putting in the required effort.

Please note that this product is not meant to provide daily nutrition or treat any disease.

We hope our detailed zantrex 3 review here has given you a clarity about going in favor of or against the product. In case you do, remember to share your valuable feedback with others.

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