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Burn HD by Dietspotlight is a weight loss system that gained a lot of popularity. Just like many other diet supplements, Burn HD enjoys enormous popularity thanks to the media.

This product promises to make you lose weight through the burning of fat. The main ingredient of this supplement apparently is produced at a certified lab. There is a problem when you quote one source to scientifically back up your claims and it is really hard to find more studies about it.

Burn HD states that you will be losing weight in very little time. Is this accurate? No, it is not. You will not get any significant loss of weight from taking this supplement alone. We will take a look at Burn HD and dissect its most important points.

Disclaimer: Dietspotlight no longer produces this product under the name Burn HD but is now under the name Burn TS. The ingredients are exactly the same and come in the same amount, so, for practical purposes, assume they are essentially the same thing.



Burn HD Ingredients

One of the main claims of Dietspotlight about this product is that its ingredients are safe, natural, and backed by science. As for safety, we will take a look at any side-effects later on. Backed by science is a bit baloney since you will hardly find any evidence to back up that claim.

Now, this does not mean that Burn HD will do its job. For starters, it might not work on everyone because all bodies respond differently to these types of substances.

Burn HD only has four core ingredients that actively help to weight loss. However, they are present in a non-disclosed amount which only makes the job harder.

These are the core ingredients:

  • Metatrim: This is the main active ingredient in Burn HD and is composed of two main ingredients:
  • Sphaeranthus Indicus: Said to help control blood sugar and other things.
  • Garcinia Mangostana: It has some antioxidants effects.
  • Green Tea: Antioxidant and may help to lose weight but research is inconclusive.
  • Caffeine: Raises metabolism, promotes fat burning, and seems to reduce hunger.
  • Chromium (chromium polynicotinate): It can reduce blood sugar levels; majority of studies conclude it does nothing to weight loss.



Burn HD Claims

According to the company behind Burn HD, the ingredients in this product will:

  • Trigger fat loss
  • Boost metabolism
  • Boost energy

There are many supplements that make such claims. Burn HD based its claims on clinical studies that seemed to prove them right. Take green tea, for instance. There are far more clinical studies that do not support the claim that green tea can help lose weight. However, Burn HD claims that, with exercising and a proper diet, it does.



Burn HD Guarantees

Dietspotlight does offer a money-back guarantee for this product. However, given the ambiguity in most of these guarantees, we strongly suggest you get in touch with customer service and ask about it.

The website does not make any specifications about it so you might want to ask. Of course, expect some sales talk about the benefits of the product and why you should have it.



How Much Does Burn HD Cost?

When you first go to the official website, things might get tricky for you. The price tag on this supplement is not low. In fact, I believe it borderlines expensive. At a cost of $58.37, we are talking almost a dollar per pill.

It’s almost like Dietspotlight knows the product is not within too many people’s budget, because they offer a 2-week sample for free. All you have to do is give them your address and your credit card info. Simple, right?

Now, you have to pay $3.95 for shipping. Now, be aware of the fact that you probably are paying for a subscription. Meaning that if you fail to cancel any subscription you will wind up paying $58.37 plus $3.95 every month.

This 2-week sample also includes a Dietspotlight Advanced Detox & Cleanse plus other free goodies. This all has a value of $45, according to the check-out description. We are talking about you being billed for stuff you did not ask for that could amount for hundreds of dollars.



How to Take Burn HD

In order to get optimal results, take 2 pills every day thirty minutes before your meal. Every bottle contains 60 pills.



Does Burn HD Work?

Burn HD might help you to lose weight. This is thanks to its active ingredient, Meratrim.

Clinical studies on Meratrim seem to support this compound’s ability to help you shed those extra pounds. Also, green tea is one we all love and its fat-burning power has been tested and proven in most cases.

Chromemate has also been proven to help keep healthy blood sugar levels.

Overall, based on the ingredients and the reviews, this product can help you lose weight. Unfortunately, it comes at a high price and the sales pitch is tricky.




  • Offer a money-back guarantee
  • 2 pill a day


  • Expensive
  • Side-effects are present
  • Their sales pitch is tricksy



Is Burn HD a Scam, Or Is It Worth The Money?

Let me put it this way. We already saw that the product could actually work. However, the website seems to have an ulterior motive and that is to make you sign up for a free trial scam that is actually subscribing you to a monthly supply.

This product used to be named Leptigen and the name has been changed to Burn TS to this day. Just like Burn TS, Leptigen was not a bad supplement but is massively overpriced and also had some dodgy free-trial scam.

I do not believe this supplement is worth your money. You may wind up losing more than what you bargained for. A 2-week “free sample” is an obvious scam as this is not enough time for everyone to see results and make an educated decision.



What Are The Side Effects Of Burn HD?

As with pretty much any supplement, Burn HD has some side effects. However, we consider it safe for a healthy person. Side effects on this supplement are mostly caused by sensitiveness to caffeine or chromate.

If that is your case, you may notice:

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Jitter

Metratrim does not seem to have any side effects, at least none has been found.



Burn HD Concerns

The following are some red flags you should take into consideration if you are planning to jump in:

  • This product seems trustworthy, the same as the company, but this sales pitch is tricksy.
  • Burner HD is overpriced and offers little value for your money.
  • You can end up paying loads of money for a product that might not work for you.



Burn HD Customer Reviews

There are some independent reviews out there and the reviews are not bad altogether. Many of them seem to support the effectiveness of the product. There is a sector that Burn HD did nothing for.

“I am the type of person that likes to workout 4-6 times a week and was looking for an additional boost of energy. On the downside, I love to eat!!! This really helped me cut my appetite and didn’t make me feel wired. I am SUPER sensitive to caffeine and this didn’t make me feel bad at all. I am super happy with his product and the best part is that ITS ALL NATURAL!”

“Great product. I was skeptical at 1st after buying just 1 bottle, but after 3 bottles I’m only 5lbs away from my 25 pounds goal. I’ve learned that weight loss takes alot of time and consistency but if you give it enough time & implement healthy habits, losing the weight is inevitable.”

“I would recommend this product. Other products give me jitters and I’m constantly shaking. This one doesn’t do that. It’s natural so yet again would recommend it.”

“Hmm, not sure if any of the other reviews on here are real or fake (just read an article today in the Washington Post that said most are fake paid for by the mfg), but I can tell you for direct first-hand experience that this product does NOTHING. Drink a cup of coffee and you would be better off and save yourself a considerable amount of $!!! As the old saying goes, buyer beware!”

“I decided to try this because it had a money back guarantee, and it had good reviews on Amazon. Both the guarantee and the diet pills turned out to be a scam. Don’t buy into either. I didn’t lose even a pound. When you go to get your money back, you have to jump through so many hoops just to get it that I gave up. What they don’t tell you to begin with, is that when you sign up for the intro, it’s really a 6 month subscription. When you call to get out of it, they sell you more. JUST.DON’T.DO.IT.”



Where to Buy Burn HD?

Burn HD can currently be bought through Dietspotlight.com and through Amazon. Through the website, you can get their special 2-week offer. If you want to simply get a 60-bottle sample in one purchase, you just need to go to Amazon. Dietspotlights official website has a link to it.



Final Decision On Burn HD

As stated in the beginning, Burn HD is being substituted by Burn TS, which is essentially the same thing. These products are usually priced pretty high for some reason.

We have seen that this product has worked for a good sector of those who have tried it. The recommendation is to avoid the risk of taking this free offer and go straight to buying a bottle with 60 capsules.

One month is time enough to truly see tangible results. This might sound boring but read through the terms and conditions. In fact, I can’t stress it enough. Do not be fooled by tricksy buying methods.

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