Capsiplex Fat Burner Reviews: Does it Really Work?


  • Improves alertness
  • Great results in clinical trials
  • Utilizes natural ingredients for weight loss


  • Not for people who are sensitive to spicy foods
Capsiplex Fat Burner Reviews

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Capsiplex Fat Burner – Fully Reviewed

Capsaicin, the substance that gives cayenne pepper its spiciness, is what goes into the Capsiplex Fat Burner pills.

It is combined with caffeine and a few other nutritional compounds, and is supplement that should be taken once a day with exercise and proper diet.

It is one among the latest slimming pills that is hundred percent natural and claims to burn as many calories as a 25-minute run.

The question is, is it possible for the pill to not just boost your body’s fat burning capacities while you’re working out, but even before as well as after your exercise?

According to the makers of capsiplex, you can burn as many as 278 calories with the supplement’s help. That is as many calories as is contained in a slice of pizza or a hamburger.

Besides burning more calories and raising the body’s metabolic rate, Capsiplex is also designed to raise the energy expenditure in the body and reduce body fat and body mass. It further helps to suppress the appetite.

Let’s take a look at how the supplement works.

How Does Capsiplex Work?

Capsiplex contains capsaicin, which is the naturally occurring substance that you’ll find in chilli peppers. It is the substance that gives chili peppers their heat.

The capsules also contain caffeine, niacin (which is a B complex vitamin), as well as piperine, which is a naturally occurring substance found in black pepper.

Since all the ingredients in the capsules are found in nature, Capsiplex claims to be fully natural. It claims that capsaicin boosts the body’s metabolism so that we burn more calories throughout the day, even after a workout.

This supercharged metabolism therefore reduces body fat.

The question is, what sets Capsiplex apart? There are many slimming pills available in health stores today, containing capsaicin. So, what is it about Capsiplex that the manufacturers think makes it special?

According to them, chilli peppers in doses that are effective can irritate the lining of the stomach. Because of this, many capsaicin supplements dilute the dose. The resulting pills are not as effective in burning calories.

According to the manufacturer what makes Capsiplex different is that it has a special coating that prevents it from breaking down in the acidic stomach.

The capsaicin then successfully bypasses the stomach and avoids causing any irritation.

Instead, it goes directly into the intestine. In the intestine, it is expected there will be no irritation felt from the chili. The Capsiplex capsule is a red capsule that has an inert core surrounded by a layer of active capsaicinoid.

This is further encapsulated in an outer coating is sensitive to the acidic environment of the stomach and doesn’t dissolve until the capsule reaches the intestines.

Capsiplex Ingredients

Capsiplex contains mainly capsaicin, but some additional ingredients as well. Let’s take a look at the ingredients contained in Capsiplex and their effects.

#1. Capsaicin

Capsaicin is the chemical compound present in chili peppers, that makes peppers spicy. It is also believed to have thermogenic properties.

Some human and animal studies have looked at whether the consumption of chilli can increase metabolism. It seems that adding chilli to your meals can increase heat production in the body for a small duration.

This means the body is working harder to regulate the body temperature. In other words, some calories are burnt. On its own, capsaicin may burn a very small amount of calories.

But if you combine it with regular exercise and live an active lifestyle, your metabolism will naturally increase and the capsaicin may help it along.

There isn’t enough research to suggest if in the long term, capsaicin can help people struggling with obesity lose weight.

As things stand, it’s not possible to say whether capsaicin will aid weight loss without any exercise. But many people have seen positive results from it.

#2. Caffeine

The Capsiplex pills also contain caffeine, which was included to boost metabolic rate and fat burning. Caffeine is a common ingredient in many diet pills.

There is a lot of conflicting information about caffeine, with some sources saying it’s good for you and others saying that it’s not.

There are over 19,000 studies that look at caffeine and its various benefits and drawbacks of caffeine.

But the overriding takeaway from these studies is that except for some groups of people, such as people with heart diseases and pregnant women, coffee can offer many health benefits. One of these benefits is its ability to help you lose weight.

Studies have found that caffeine has the ability to boost the process of lipolysis. This is the process in which the body releases fatty acids into the blood while the fat stores of your body are being converted to energy.

In other words, caffeine offers a slight boost to your body’s metabolic rate.

Caffeine also provides an energy boost. It is a stimulant, and for a while it keeps drowsiness away. It keeps you awake for longer, so you can stay active for longer.

When you take caffeine pills during weight loss programs, you have more energy to complete your workouts.

The hours at the gym that may not have been effective earlier because you quickly ran out of energy will no longer feel so long. You will be able to give hundred percent during your workouts.

The problem with caffeine for weight loss is that we often have a high tolerance to the effects of caffeine. Many of us drink a lot of caffeine, and develop a resistance to the usual doses in slimming pills.

As a result, we don’t see the results we expect from weight loss pills.

The solution is to first break the caffeine addiction and allowing the body to get used to having no caffeine for a while. That way, the caffeine in slimming pills like Capsiplex will have greater effect.

Not everyone will have the same response to the standard caffeine doses in weight loss pills. Some people can drink a single cup of coffee and get jittery, while others can drink several cups all day with very little effect.

The same applies to the caffeine in weight loss pills. How much is effective for you will depend on your tolerance.

If you don’t drink coffee or any other beverage that contains caffeine, on a regular basis, then a few hundred milligrams of caffeine may be enough for you to feel highly energized.

Another advantage of caffeine is that it helps to suppress feelings of hunger. The appetite-suppressing effects of caffeine may not last for a long time. More studies are needed on the relationship between caffeine and appetite, but thus far, experience has been largely positive.

#3. Piperine

Piperine is a compound that is present in long pepper and black pepper and gives them their pungency.

Some studies have suggested that piperine may aid fat loss. Some preliminary studies have found that piperine targets fat cells and prevents the formation of new fat cells. Eastern medicine has used black pepper for centuries to treat a variety of illnesses including diarrhea and cholera.

However, not enough is known about how piperine works in the bloodstream and provides benefits. Researchers took a look at how piperine works on gene expression in fat tissues.

These studies were done in the lab, and are yet to be carried out in clinical trials. The revelations were positive. Piperine has been shown to interfere with the normal function of the genes that are responsible for building new fat cells.

As a result of such reports, many weight loss pills include piperine as one of their active ingredients. Researchers are considering black pepper as a possible aid in obesity treatments.

Overall, it’s too early to say if black pepper in pills will be able to have significant fat loss effects and calorie burning effects. But it does offer several other benefits, including the benefits of its antioxidant properties.

It may help also help to stabilize sugar levels in the blood after a meal. It is low in sodium, so it helps to cut down on bloating and fluid retention. In other words, black pepper can make the stomach look flatter.

This makes black pepper a great seasoning for your salads and meats. But included in fat loss pills like the Capsiplex Far Burner, it may be a welcome addition to a weight loss regime.

#4. Niacin

Niacin is another name for one of the B-complex group of vitamins, Vitamin B3. Many foods that are rich in niacin, such as eggs, fish, nuts, legumes, poultry and lean meats, offer benefits that help with weight loss diets and fitness routines.

Niacin may not directly burn calories, but it has an indirect effect that can help. It helps to release energy from proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

In other words, it helps your body to efficiently use up the energy released from food. Many athletes and bodybuilders take niacin as a fat burner.

Taking a B3 capsule with meals and as recommended can release quite a lot of energy to fuel workouts. It becomes easier to complete workout routines without tiring out quickly.

If you don’t get enough niacin from your diet, you may find your energy draining out quickly. The additional niacin that the Capsiplex pills provide may help to make up deficiencies in the diet.

Other ingredients

The pills also contain brown rice flour and magnesium stearate. Magnesium stearate is commonly used in pills as a lubricant. Brown rice flour is a hypoallergenic filler that is another common ingredient in pills.

Capsiplex Side Effects

Any supplement with strong stimulants like caffeine, and pungent chilli could lead to side effects in people who are intolerant to caffeine or chilli. The side effects of caffeine in highly sensitive people could include:

  • Nervousness
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Nausea
  • Stomach irritation
  • Increased heart rate
  • Vomiting, and other effects.

To avoid these side effects, it is best to make sure that you are not intolerant to caffeine before taking the Capsiplex pills.

The stomach irritation caused by caffeine could be further enhanced by capsaicin and piperine. However the outer coating of the pills are designed to bypass the stomach, so that the active pepper powder is released in the intestines without any chance of irritation.

According to the manufacturers, Capsiplex should not be taken by pregnant women and children. It should also not be taken by women who are breast-feeding.

If you are taking any medication for any illness, then make sure to consult your doctor before taking the pills. You should also not take the pills two weeks before surgery.

To avoid side effects, it’s important to make sure that you don’t exceed the recommended dosage.

Capsiplex Effectiveness

A look at how users have responded to the pills shows mixed results. The pills have a rating of 3 out of 5 on Amazon. The pills have been particularly popular in the UK and nearly half of 355 customers have given the pills a rating of 5 out of 5.

Those who have found the pills useful say that it’s not a miracle pill. Instead, with exercise and a proper diet, the pills show results.

The caffeine in the pills is likely to boost energy significantly for those who are not resistant to caffeine or are too sensitive. Many users have found the pills give them a lot of energy for their workouts and active lifestyles.

Several users have lost weight after using the pills the right way, with regular exercise and a proper diet.

Some users have complained that they haven’t seen any changes in their shape or weight after using the pill. But it is difficult to say whether the pills were used in the right way.

As with all slimming pills, each individual reacts differently to substances like capsaicin and caffeine. Taking all things into consideration, weight loss pills like Capsiplex don’t have the same effects on everyone.

But for best results, they should be taken as recommended, and with exercise and diet.

As far as scientific evidence goes, there has been some research done on the ingredients present in Capsiplex and their ability to burn fat. The pill itself was examined in a small clinical trial carried out at the University of Oklahoma.

In the trial with twenty five participants, some participants took a placebo while others took a Capsiplex pill before working out. Researchers closely monitored the oxygen consumed by the participants, the energy they spent and their heart rates before, during and after the exercise.

The physical activity consisted of walking on a treadmill for sixty minutes. The heart rates were monitored sixty minutes before the workout, during the exercise and about fifty minutes after the exercise.

The results were significantly positive. The researchers found that those who had taken the slimming pills burnt 3 times more calories before they ran on the treadmill. An hour after exercise they burnt up to twelve times more calories than those who took the placebo.

During the exercise, both groups burnt similar calories, though the Capsiplex group burnt about 3 percent more.

The study was carried out with a small group of people. Overall, there is not enough scientific evidence to suggest that Capsiplex could bring about weight loss in everyone who uses it as a supplement.

There is also not enough scientific evidence to suggest that capsaicin and caffeine in the pills will definitely cut calories without any effort on the part of the user.

However, experiences of many Capsiplex users have been positive enough to suggest that the pills may help with weight loss as long as a proper exercise routine and diet are followed.

How to take Capsiplex Pills?

The Capsiplex pills are meant to be taken once daily, as a food supplement. On days when you’re working out, take one capsule about 30 minutes to an hour before your workout.

On other days, the capsule should be taken before breakfast. It is important to take the pill with enough water, to make sure it doesn’t get stuck in the throat and expand.

So It was the complete Capsiplex reviews which could help you get more detail about this fat burner. I hope you will take your decision wisely after reading this Capsiplex review and also It will help you burn your body fat.

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