Instant Knockout Fat Burner Reviews: Don’t Buy Before You Read it!


  • Works well for men & women
  • Big energy boost


  • Misleading guarantee
  • Takes a while to see results
  • Too much caffeine for some people
Instant Knockout Reviews

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Finally you have took decision to give a try to Instant Knockout and now you have been searching some honest Instant Knockout review to get the details of it. We recommend you to read this article and get the honest review of Instant Knockout.

If you are searching for a formulation that can enable you to look fit as well as provide you with the enhanced ability to fight, the Instant Knockout Fat Burner could come to your rescue.

This scientifically researched product was originally developed as a formula to help boxers and MMA fighters to effectively burn fat over a short span of time, especially when they had little time in hand to meet a deadline.

The product’s success review led to its market launch so that fitness aspirants could adopt a workable alternative to starving.

The Instant Knockout as a weight loss supplement can help burn fat while retaining high energy levels in your body and is claimed to be extracted from pure ingredients.

This “cutting edge” fat burning product can prevent loss of lean muscle while burning fat. You can also check the commercial available online that portrays people working out and taking the Instant Knockout Fat Burner to cut excess weight.

It may interest you to know that your body has a receptor that activates your system to store fat within. The Alpha-2 receptor works towards securing fat onto several parts of your body, specifically on your hips and abdomen.

When you starve, you deprive your body of calories that it’s used to. In the process, the body adapts to the condition and lowers its food requirement.

However, this eventually slows down your metabolism so as to use less fuel. This is turn leaves the body with less energy, thereby making it rather difficult to exercise.

The entire process leaves you increasingly exhausted pushing you to resort to external stimulants like coffee and sugary snacks.

When your body experiences even the mildest forms of starvation, as a response it stores extra calories as body fats so as to safeguard itself from the perceived nearing scarcity.

How Does Instant Knockout Work?

Fighters and boxers are on a constant requirement to be physically ready to face “ring” challenges and when a fight is scheduled on a fixed date, it becomes essential for these people to burn the excess fat and get “fight ready” so as to optimize their muscle strength and cut down on useless flab that slows could otherwise slow them down.

The Instant Knockout recipe is unique that helps in maximising the time over which your body enters the fat burning mode contributing to muscle retention. You can consume an optimum dose of 4 x 500 mg capsules/per day.

The fat burning mechanism of the Instant Knockout Fat Burner formula:

#1. Acts as a natural metabolic booster for your body: Your body constantly uses energy, whether you slog out at the gymnasium or recline in your home couch to watch TV.

An efficient and effective metabolism is a prerequisite for catalysing excess fat. The Instant Knockout enhances your metabolism so that your body burns more calories even when it’s in a resting state.

#2. Reduces hunger pangs: It’s never great to be hungry in between meals. It’s not unusual to be driven to treats that are sugary and sweet.

However, such foods only increase the fat in your body and turn-off the body’s natural fat burning ability.

Consuming the Instant Knockout Fat Burner in between your meals can help to reduce such unwanted hunger cravings.

#3. Boosts energy levels: Whether a fitness conscious individual or an athlete, if you work out, especially taking the cardio sessions you could be battling low energy levels.

Your body may need adequate supplements that can provide sustained energy. The energy triggering stimulants present in Instant Knockout can fulfil this purpose and help you smoothly take up any form of exercise.

Instant Knockout Ingredients

There are several formulations available in the market that may vouch for their fat burning tricks.

However, using an advanced and selective fat burner such as the Instant Knockout can assist in boosting your metabolism to ascertain that your body burns more of the stored fat and optimally uses the fat you consume.

Extensive research by experts have revealed facts that are responsible for storing fats and how these chemicals can be manipulated to affect the fat storage levels.

Among many, there are certain natural nutrients and compounds that have the potential to slow down the process and impact of fat storage.

Instant Knockout has selected these natural and powerful ingredients that can accordingly tune up your metabolism and ensure effective fat usage. These include:

#1. Green Tea

Known as a natural fat burner, green tea can burn fat in many ways. Firstly, it contains EGCG which is powerful antioxidant capable of stimulating your metabolism.

It’s naturally rich in catechin polyphenols that can elevate the norepinephrine levels in your body which thereby promotes the metabolism.

Secondly, green tea improves stamina providing more energy for exercising for longer and burning calories.

The catechin polyphenols present in the tea has the ability to make the liver and the muscle cells consume fatty acids. Thus, slower burning down of carbohydrates enables your body with sustained energy for exercising.

Green tea can fight bad cholesterol and cut down the build-up of Triglycerides thereby reducing the risk of developing obesity. The polyphenols in green tea activates an enzyme that can dissolve undesirable triglyceride and reduce the fat levels in your body.

#2. Cayenne Pepper

This is known to boost metabolism and suppress your appetite. Several studies indicate that capsaicin found in cayenne pepper can assist in reducing the amount of fat stored in the body.

It was found that capsaicin can decrease the hunger hormone and thus control your appetite. The spicy quotient in cayenne pepper raises the body temperature and as the body naturally responds to cool it down, calories are burnt in the process.

#3. Glucomannan

This is recognized is an impactful nutritional fibres that can supress appetite. The Glucomannan used in Instant Knockout is derived from the root of the konjac plant which is known to contain high levels of soluble dietary fibre.

It can thus curb appetite and help control unhealthy snacking. This fibre absorbs liquid and swells up as gel thereby making you feel full and reduce the drive to eat more often than required.

While the above three components make for the core ingredients of Instant Knockout Fat Burner, the following are additional natural fat burning elements included in this researched supplement.

#4. Caffeine Anhydrous

It is known to boost metabolism and break down stored fat immediately. It is found that if you consume caffeine before exercise the conversion of fat to energy increases by 30%.

In the process of these fats being burned, the heightened blood sugar levels help in supressing the appetite.

Instant Knockout uses the purest form of caffeine powder so that it works as a stimulant and enhances the effects of the other ingredients like cayenne pepper and green tea.

#5.Vitamin B6

Instant Knockout contains Vitamin B6 in its natural form known as pyridoxine which is another metabolism booster too.

In fact all B group vitamins help in converting carbs into glucose which in turn can be burnt down for energy by the body.

Vitamin B6 not only helps the body in converting food into energy but simultaneously enables muscle growth by increasing protein and amino acid absorption. These elements contribute heavily to muscle growth.

Vitamin B6 also helps your body to produce as well as use glucose from stored carbohydrates.

This helps in dual ways, one by maintaining the blood sugar levels when you consume lesser calories and second by helping you to manage weight loss by stimulating the thyroid gland.

#6. Vitamin B12

It helps the body to produce energy and use fatty acids in doing so. Along with aiding digestion, B12 increases food absorption and the body’s use of carbs and fat.

#7. GTF Chromium

Instant Knockout contains traces of Chromium so that it can improve insulin’s action in regulating blood sugar levels in maintaining a balance of the energy levels.

Chromium helps the insulin in transporting the glucose, fatty and amino acids into the cells. By stimulating protein synthesis, chromium can reduce levels of fat in the body and consequently curtail unnecessary hunger pangs.

Additionally, the release of HG in your body can prove beneficial in effectively burning down fat.

#8. Zinc

Zinc is known as a vital nutrient that helps maintain healthy testosterone levels in your body. It plays an essential role in helping you attain the desired shape through exercise as it assists in processing fat, carbs as well as proteins into energy.

#9. Piperine

This substance attributes the distinct pungent taste found in black pepper and has the ability to block new fat cells from developing.

Moreover, it helps the body to effectively absorb and utilize other fat burning ingredients locked in Instant Knockout formula.

#10. Green Coffee Bean

The green coffee beans are an extract churned out from its original raw and green state and is laden with Chlorogenic acid.

Research indicates that this acid slows down the rate at which the body absorbs fat from the consumed food.

It assists in lowering cholesterol and maintaining levels of blood sugar in your body by reducing the percentage of body fat. When the blood sugar levels are lowered your cravings for sugary snacks will also go down drastically.

Use of Instant Knockout is not gender specific

The ingredients of Instant Knockout are not specific to any gender and both men and women can use it to benefit them.

As a woman you will not have to be concerned about this product adding up to your muscle mass as it does not do so rather it will enable you to continue with your regular workout plan (if you already have one) by pumping in more energy into your body.

Instant Knockout Fat Burner is neither a protein powder nor does it enhance hormones in your body and thus you will not have to worry about its side effects.

The product does not add any additional pounds to your body frame and simply works as an efficient fat burner formula.

The Side Effects of Instant Knockout

Supplements do have some or the other side effects, however their magnitude varies. Instant Knockout is not any different. The additives found in this product can also be commonly found in several diet pills available in the market.

However, while many of these minerals can have potential side effects, nutritional experts feel that some of these could be easily substituted with whole food.

One of the most prominent side effects of using the product emanates from the caffeine.

The unroasted coffee beans are rich in antioxidants and can cause effects such as insomnia, headaches, drowsiness, irritability, anxiety, upset stomach, restlessness, mood swings as well as depression.

In case, you have been a caffeine addict for quite some time, the recommended higher dosage could suit you. The side-effects of green tea can also pose incidences of headache, sleep difficulties, nervousness, diarrhea, heartburn and dizziness.

In a nutshell, Instant Knockout Fat Burner is safe and effective with its all natural ingredients.

The product does not use any synthetic nutrients and each active ingredient as used in this supplement is clinically tested to ensure its range of benefits.

This means that you need not fret over the possibility of consuming any dangerous levels of high-stimulants.

As claimed by the manufacturer on their website, the ingredients make for a safe and powerful formula and that the product is made in cGMP and is approved by FDA in the USA and UK.

However, it’s advisable to always begin with a low dosage of the supplement to test how it works on your body and then based on the assessment of how your body responds to this supplement, you can increase the dosage.

Moreover, it’s ideal to administer any supplement only after taking a health expert’s advice so as to avoid any risks.

How to take Instant Knockout?

Every bottle of Instant Knockout contains 120 x 750 mg red capsules and you can get the complete benefit by consuming one capsule each four times per day.

The advised dosage includes popping one capsule as the first thing in the morning, one before lunch time, followed by the third in the afternoon and the last one before dinner.

The idea is to uniformly spread out the doses throughout the day so that your body can keep burning fat for a prolonged period.

Instant Knockout Effectiveness

Many studies have been conducted to specifically research the impact of the ingredients used in this supplement that can burn away extra fat.

However, there are no studies that suggest any of the ingredients as extremely harmful or ineffective. The use of glucomannan majorly contributes to a fuller feeling owing to the large amount of dietary fibre present in it.

Thus, this restricts hunger craving and chances of overeating and thereby monitors you calorie intake.

However, it’s a good idea not to take it for a lengthy period of time or on a regular basis as the excess fibre can cause potential risks or irregularities in your body.

The Instant Knockout is known to consist of several common additives that include fibre, cayenne, green tea, minerals and high caffeine amounts.

While many users have found it to be useful, some customers complain of it being an ineffective composition triggering side effects.

Some users also report of the product not backing a complete 90 day guarantee as claimed coupled with lack of weight loss advantages.

However, overall Instant Knockout works well with its ingredients known to elevate metabolism and works well in burning stored fat to be used as energy in your body.

After all, it’s your body and to attain effective and positive changes, you will have to continue a healthy workout regimen and a nutritious diet while you include the Instant Knockout as your supplement.

Instant Knockout Fat Burner Benefits

You must be wondering whether and what are the real advantages of using Instant Knockout?

One of the most eminent benefits of the supplement is that it helps you to retain your lean muscle while you shred those extra pounds.

Most other fat burners promote basic weight loss which could also risk or damage of lean muscles, but Instant Knockout seeks to improve your muscle definition.

There is certainly a difference between taking weight loss pills and using an actual fat burner and it need to be identified. Some of the probable benefits of this formulation include:

  • Fat loss coupled with restoring and building more lean muscle.
  • Improves absorption of nutrients.
  • Has a ‘thermogenic’ effect on your body.
  • Energy improvement that can also sustain your system even when you take up rigorous workout regime.
  • Enhanced metabolism as taking Instant Knockout can stimulate your body’s natural metabolic rate as well.
  • Limits appetite, especially the in-between meal cravings that unnecessarily add on to calories. Thus, this contributes to maintaining the muscle while eliminating unwanted fat from your body.

As we discuss the pros, some of the cons of Instant Knockout Fat Burner supplement could be attributed to:

  • High-amount of caffeine. Thus, it is suggested that you avoid additional caffeine sources in your diet when using Instant Knockout.
  • Possibility of mild or uncommon side effects, though it depends on your body and you may have none.

Final Instant Knockout Review

Currently, you can procure Instant Knockout Fat Burner through the manufacturer’s website.

Though the product may seem to be expensive as compared to other weight loss formulas in the market, customer reviews suggest that it’s a quality product and you are most likely to benefit from its recommended usage.

Once you order Instant Knockout, you can try it for 90 days and the company claims that if it fails to work as claimed, you can send it back to them and get a refund against the returned product.

However, the terms and conditions as mentioned on the company’s website mention that the money back guarantee qualifies for only those customers who have purchased a 3 month supply of the product.

The other conditions include that you must have taken the supplement for complete 90 day period as instructed on its packaging, you must have tried out some regular weight lifting exercises and eaten a healthy diet.

Instant Knockout is currently sold only through the manufacturer’s official website and a month’s supply of the product is available at $59.

However, you can certainly look out for the promotional offers where buying 3 bottles can render 1 free bottle, but these deals are usually supported by the 90 days guarantee. Each bottle of Instant Knockout has 120 500mg capsules and can be purchased as follows:

1 bottle at $59 for 1 month supply with additional shipping and handling charges.

2 bottles at $118 for 2 month supply with free shipping and handling to the UK and US.

The ultimate shredding stack offer at $185 with free worldwide shipping for three bottles + 1 bottle free of Instant Knockout. This also comes with a T-shirt.

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