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Plexus Slim is a nutritious beverage that contains prebiotics. According to its description, it helps grow a number of important intestinal bacteria. This fruit-tasting drink promotes healthy glucose metabolism, helping you lose weight in the process.

According to the official website, Plexus has been clinically proven to be effective to lose weight. In such a study, a group of people was given the product while the control group was given a placebo. Those who used Plexus Slim lost 5.4 pounds in 8 weeks, while those using a placebo lost 3.1 pounds.

The marketing campaign behind this product is strong but then one has to question if the product does offer the stated benefits. The results of the above study do not sound skewed, especially because there is not much difference between the weight lost by both groups.

One might think that they are not filtering info and allowing people to realize they are elaborating this product to help people more than they want to increase revenue. The claims so far sound realistic and not taken out of proportion with the purpose to sell.

Let’s take a deeper look at claims made by Plexus Slim.



Plexus Slim Ingredients

Since the ingredients give us a good starting ground to verify how effective this product is, let´s examine these:

  • Chromium (200mcg): This element is present in trace amounts and may help regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (chlorogenic acid and less than 2% caffeine): Chlorogenic acid prevents glucose from entering the bloodstream and helping lose weight.
  • Garcinia Cambogia: A popular ingredient, it helps reduce food cravings and is supposed to block fat from being absorbed by the body.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: Antioxidant that might help lower blood sugar levels and remove free radicals.
  • Mulberry fruit extract: Reduces cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
  • Xylooligosaccharide: Prebiotic incorporated in many foods to promote the growth of gut bacteria.

Other ingredients found in Plexus Slim include Luo Hang Go fruit extract, polydextrose, and Stevia, the natural sweetener. It also contains beet extract to give it its color as well as other fruit and vegetable extracts.



Plexus Slim Claims

The idea behind Plexus Slim is to not only make you feel better but actually make you better. As you have seen, some of the ingredients can actually help regulate blood sugar levels.

The following are the benefits of Plexus Slim:

  • Clinically demonstrated to help you lose weight*
  • Promotes the growth of good gut microbes◊*
  • Increases Lactobacillus by 365 times and Bifidobacterium by 290 times – contributes to overall health◊*
  • Increases the metabolism enhancing Akkermansia microbes by 257 times◊*
  • Supports healthy glucose metabolism*
  • Clinically studied XOS prebiotic

(Source: Plexus Slim official website.

Besides all the above, Plexus Slims claims that the use of this product will help lose weight, reduce cravings, and keep blood sugar, cholesterol, and lipids at a healthy level.



Plexus Slim Guarantees

Plexus Slim offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you purchased directly from the official website, you must issue for a refund within 60 days. You can contact them through phone or through their own Help Center.

Plexus stands by their product and are confident it will work for everyone. When you issue for a refund, be prepared to hear attempts to persuade you otherwise. Most probably, they will try to offer a promotion to make you buy some other promotional products.

If you bought the product from an ambassador, you will need to talk to them in order to claim the guarantee. This ambassador will also sell you some persuasive talk.

Some users have complained that customer service is hard to contact on the phone, so maybe you want to give that a try beforehand if you believe this might become an issue in the future for you.



How Much Does Plexus Slim Cost?

You can buy Plexus Slim in two features: Microbiome Activating and Hunger Control. A bag with 30 sachets of either has a price of $89.95 if you make a one-time purchase.

If you decide to make automatic billing with a subscription, you save 5% by purchasing every month at $84.95. If you subscribe, you create an account, which makes it easier to modify or cancel your subscription.



How to Take Plexus Slim

The product comes in individual packages which are convenient and can be carried on the go. To prepare a drink simply dissolve one package into 12-20 ounces of water and shake well.

The manufacturers recommend you taking the beverage 30 minutes before your next meal. For desired results, take Plexus Slim 1-2 times a day.



Does Plexus Slim Work?

It is plausible that Plexus Slim has a slight weight loss effect. Some ingredients like Green coffee bean extract and Garcinia Cambogia do not have enough clinical evidence to back up claims of losing weight. This does not mean that the product is ineffective altogether.

If you combine this supplement with a good diet and exercising, you will actually see some positive results. Do not expect major results, though. Just keep in mind that this Pink Drink might turn out to be just that to you, a drink. Results might vary and will more likely be affected by your eating habits.



Is Plexus Slim a Scam, Or Is It Worth The Money?

Definitely not a scam. Plexus Slim is not an overstated product promote purely by social media. It has had positive effects on people and although some ingredients lack clinical backups, some others do have proof of their effectiveness at controlling blood sugar levels.

Many users are actually finding value in this product, not only for weight loss but for general well-being. The price is high and doubts about its value can arise. Now, remember that you have 60 days to try the product, which I believe is pretty good to check on positive results.




  • It safe and has a lot of benefits
  • It has 60-day money-back guarantee
  • 1-2 times a day
  • It has 5 star reviews from costumers


  • It is pretty expensive at $89.95
  • There are people who might consider this simply juice and a waste of money.
plexus slim product image



What Are The Side Effects Of Plexus Slim?

The ingredients found in Plexus Slim are safe and side effects are unlikely to happen. However, if you begin to experience any adverse effects you must discontinue its use.

As usual, don´t forget to ask your physician if this product is safe for you.



Plexus Slim Concerns

We have only a couple of concerns about this product:

  • It is pretty expensive at $89.95. The subscription deal barely makes it any sweeter.
  • There are people who might consider this simply juice and a waste of money.



Plexus Slim Customer Reviews

Reviews for this dietary beverage are pretty mixed. Some consider that it was worth a good try while others did not see a difference at all. Let’s take a look at what are the statements and recommendations of those that found value in the product:

“I love Plexus..I took it for a while to lose weight for a vacation. and decided to stick with it because of all of the other great benefits. I have energy all day, I wake up without feeling sluggish and hitting the alarm 5 times. I no longer take any sinus or allergy meds since taking Plexus (which has saved me money right there) I feel full a lot which keeps me from eating and will eventually cause weight loss. I also don’t have sugar cravings. I can sit by a donut with no urge to eat it and that never used to happen before. I ADORE cheesecake and now the thought of it kind of makes my stomach hurt. I used to suffer from daily headaches whenever I wore my hair up or in a ponytail.. I no longer have any headaches. Regulating my blood sugar and cleaning my gut has made all these things possible. Yes, I am an ambassador as most people become after they find out how great the product is.. i used it for 5 months before even thinking about sharing it w/ anyone. but the results were just too great for me not to.” (Source: Quana on dietpillswatchdog)

“I started taking Plexus Slim November 5th, 2014. I was quite skeptical because it all sounded too good to be true. However, given the unheard of 60-day money back guarantee, I felt it was worth trying. Needless to say, after 3 weeks of no cravings, no naps, amazing energy, sleeping like a baby, a loss in weight and inches, I, too, decided to become an ambassador. While we can lose weight with a sensible diet, lots of people, like myself, lack the willpower to make proper choices. With the cravings gone, it was easy to make good choices. Also, with feeling full after smaller portions, it’s been easy to eat less! I’m off all my medications, have lost 19 pounds, and am down 2 pant sizes. I’ve failed multiple attempts to lose weight. Plexus is about WELLNESS and lifestyle change. I cannot imagine life without Plexus. You can substantiate my story by going to my Facebook page (Cindy Boyd) or by coming to my church in Hillsboro, Ohio, Good News Gathering. You will meet dozens of people with stories just like mine.”(Source: Cindy Boyd on dietpillswatchdog)

Did those sound authentic to you? Let’s now take a look at the negative reviews. Now, we will show a couple only. The rest have very similar rhetoric.

“I promised a friend I would try it for sixty days. It was supposed to “rock my world.” It tastes pleasant enough, but after 30 Days I haven’t noticed any effect on my weight, mood, or energy levels.” (Source: Louis Honeycutt on Amazon)

“I like the drink, it tastes good and it does help me suppress my cravings, particularly with sugary foods which, I’m addicted to, I think. But it’s waaaay too expensive. My wife switched back to HCG drops which really do help her drop weight fast. I personally think that regular chromium picolinate from Walmart or any health store can be substituted for plexus and give you similar results.” (Source: Stephen on dietpillswatchdog)



Where to Buy Plexus Slim?

You can buy Plexus Slim through the official website. You can also contact an ambassador to get it straight from them.

If you prefer, you can also purchase on Amazon or eBay, but at a higher price.



Final Decision On Plexus Slim

Plexus Slim is a product that has ambassadors sign up to sell their products and make some extra money. There is a chance that the ones who sell it go online and give it a positive review. They need people to believe that the product is 100% effective after all.

Some of those five-star reviews are even hilarious. You probably want to save some money and find an alternative to Plexus Slim. Nevertheless, it might still work for you the way it was intended.

There is a 60-day guarantee that you can claim. Just know that you will get some sale-sy talk and offers but if you stay steadfast, you should be good. There are no serious side-effects associated with it, except maybe some bloating and stomach distress.

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